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SO WHAT & # 8217 ; S IT ALL ABOUT?

Susan Griffin & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; Our Secret & # 8221 ; is a survey in psychological science. It is a expression into the human head to see what makes people do the things they do and in peculiar what makes people commit Acts of the Apostless of force. She isolates the first half of the 20th century and in peculiar the epoch of the Second World War as a footing for her survey. The essay discusses a figure of people but they all tie in to Heinrich Himmler. He is the utmost instance, he who can be linked straight to every individual decease in the concentration cantonments. Griffin seeks to analyze Himmler because if she can spot a monster like Himmler than everyone else merely falls into topographic point. The essay besides tries to infer why something like the Holocaust, although ne’er mentioned straight, can take topographic point. How can so many people be involved and yet so few people try to stop it.

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Griffin inquiries the cause of violent inclinations. Is it the manner one is raised? To reply this inquiry, she looks at Himmler & # 8217 ; s childhood. He was raised in a austere and regimented mode with his male parent commanding every facet of his life. His male parent ruled even an act every bit simple as maintaining a diary. Griffin writes, & # 8220 ; The really act of maintaining a diary, I sensed, would assist me into this life that would now be my ain & # 8221 ; ( Griffin 407 ) . She is talking of the benefits of maintaining a diary and how it can move as a manner to show your feelings and that it can be an mercantile establishment for your emotions. Himmler did non hold this luxury. & # 8220 ; Gebhard writes the first entry in his boy & # 8217 ; s diary, to demo the male child how it is to be done. July 13 Departed at 11:50 and arrive safely on the coach in L. We have a really pretty house. In the afternoon we drink java at the java house & # 8221 ; ( Griffin 407 ) . As we can see, Himmler is non even allowed to compose as he wants but alternatively is taught to enter the facts and nil more. This was non a beginning of choler for Himmler but instead began the determining procedure of his life.

& # 8220 ; The earliest entries in this diary betray so small. Like the words of a schoolboy commanded to compose what the instructor requires of him, they are wooden and stiff. The cast of his male parent & # 8217 ; s character is so heavy on this linguistic communication that I catch non even a breath of a ego here. & # 8221 ; ( Griffin 407-408 )

He became a adult male who thought non for himself but preferred to hold others give him commands. That is why he rose to power in the Nazi party, he did non inquiry orders but instead thrived on them. & # 8220 ; Following Hitler with unwavering trueness, he is known as der treur Heinrich, true Heinrich. He describes himself as an instrument of the Fuhrer & # 8217 ; s will & # 8221 ; ( Griffin 421 ) .

Did the force in Himmler root from his worship of his brother, the perfect physical specimen. Heinrich tried his whole life to be like his older brother, strong and masculine. So much so that piece functioning as Reichsfuhrer he devised a set of criterions for the & # 8220 ; Aryan Race & # 8221 ; to populate up to. One could reason that these criterions were modeled after his brother. Himmler & # 8217 ; s belief in physical high quality led to the suppression and deceases of many who did non mensurate up which is dry because Himmler himself was frail and did non run into any of his ain criterions. Influenza struck Himmler as a kid which prevented him from going strong as an grownup. Compared with his brother he is weak. He sees his brother and how popular he is. This led Himmler to tie in the two together. Strength became synonymous with popularity and so with power.

While in the Nazi party, Himmler surrounded himself with people who were fit. He was the 1 they went to for orders and he had power over them. For one time in his life, Heinrich Himmler, the frail and weak adult male, controlled the physically fit. He was in control for the first clip in his life and it was clip for retaliation. Himmler inflicted on the Jews, Gypsies, and homophiles what was inflicted on him as a young person. He mi

streated his power like so many others have and will. Power corrupts and it gave Himmler a opportunity to be the strongest alternatively of the weakest and the most popular alternatively of an castaway.

Griffin points out that in order to turn out one & # 8217 ; s manhood, many work forces will assail others who are less & # 8220 ; masculine. & # 8221 ; In this essay, we see a few counts of aggression towards homophiles.

& # 8220 ; It is 1936. Though he does non cognize it, Himmler is traveling into the domain of Heinz & # 8217 ; s life now. He has organized a particular subdivision of the Gestapo to cover with homosexualism and abortion. On October 11, he declares in a public address, Germany & # 8217 ; s forbearers know what to make with homophiles. They drowned them in bogs. This was non punishment, he argues, but the extinction of unnatural existence. & # 8221 ; ( Griffin 423 )

This force has non gone off with clip. While in Maine, Griffin relates another hatred offense. & # 8220 ; But merely yearss before I arrived a immature adult male had been murdered at that place. He was a homosexual & # 8221 ; ( Griffin 424 ) . Frederick the Great was a hero of Himmler & # 8217 ; s. When he heard that his hero was a homosexual he refused to believe it. Could Himmler & # 8217 ; s hatred of homophiles stem from this in that he associated himself with Frederick but did non desire to be associated with the homosexual facet and therefore felt the demand to externally detest homosexual? & # 8220 ; It is said that when male childs or immature work forces attack a adult male they find emasculate or believe to be homosexual they are seeking to set at a distance all hints of homosexualism in themselves & # 8221 ; ( Griffin 444 ) .

& # 8220 ; To a certain sort of head, what is hidden off ceases to be & # 8221 ; ( Griffin 433 ) . This sentence can be used to understand why. Why people can move the manner they do and why something so ghastly as the Holocaust can take topographic point. What Griffin is stating is that when whether we choose to disregard or merely bury something we can distance ourselves from that state of affairs. As is the instance with Himmler. He signed every decease warrant for every victim in every concentration cantonment and yet he himself ne’er physically took portion in the slayings. He hid off his engagement in the violent death of 1000000s in order to get by with his actions. Himmler can non even face decease that comes at the custodies of others. When he witnesses one peculiar slaughter the commanding officer of the Einsatzgruppen makes a good point. He makes Himmler recognize that if it is so hard for him to witness decease it must be so much worse for those who really have to be the manus of decease. ( Griffin 433 ) . If one can distance one & # 8217 ; s self from a disagreeable action, one demand non experience guilty for it. It seemed that although so many collaborated in the Holocaust, non one of them felt good about it and therefore everyone tried to distance themselves from it.

& # 8220 ; Himmler did non partake in the existent readyings for what he called & # 8216 ; the concluding solution. & # 8217 ; Nor did he go to the Wannsee Conference where the determination to eliminate 1000000s of human existences was made. He sent his helper Heydrich. Yet Heydrich, who was at that place, did non number himself wholly present. He could state that each determination he made was at the bequest of Heinrich Himmler. In this manner an uneven system of insularity was created. These offenses, these slayings of 1000000s, were all carried out in absentia, as if by no 1 in peculiar & # 8221 ; ( Griffin 435 ) .

When people realize what they have done or taken portion of, when they stop allowing it & # 8220 ; cease to be & # 8221 ; it has chilling effects. & # 8220 ; The kids of Nazis and subsisters likewise have inherited a battle between silence and address & # 8221 ; ( Griffin 448 ) . Do we go on to force it under the carpet or do we convey it out in the unfastened? The inquiry is do we go on to take the easy manner out and bury what happened and for some of us what manus we had in the affair or do we face the issue and seek to larn from it. Susan Griffin & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; Our Secret & # 8221 ; chooses to undertake the issue of the Holocaust and to educate people about it so nil like it can of all time go on once more.


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