Speaker: The voice of the narrative “I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings” in the chapter “Champion of The World” is a small African American miss named Maya Angelou. From the research I have done it seems that she is around the age of 6 or 7 old ages old ; make to the fact that Joe’s winning battle against Carnera was in the twelvemonth 1935 and Maya was born in 1928. The bulk of the African American race in these times of history were the lowest group of people in the American society but they were jus a spot higher so apes.

Juncture: The clip and topographic point of Maya’s experience of the winning battle between the Joe Louis “Brown Bomber” and Primo Carnera. Took topographic point on the dark of June 25. 1935 in the province of Arkansas at uncle Willie’s shop. Every comparative and friend were gathered around the wireless seeking to listen to what the announcer was stating them about the battle. Audience: The group of people that Maya was seeking to acquire their attending the most were all the African American race.

Even though everyone could be interested on what a immature adult females had to state how it was like to populate in a white society at this clip of epoch. The ground why she was seeking to acquire the African American race’s attending the most was because of Joe Louis’s victory American society didn’t see African Americans as the lowest category. Even though they weren’t seen as the highest category they weren’t ass low either. Purpose: The intent of this narrative and why it was written was for that African American can no longer experience less from the white race.

So they are able to experience confident because of Joe Louis’s triumph they were no longer seen as the lowest category their was in American society. African Americans were no longer experiencing that they were slaves for the white race they were free from bondage no longer holding to make work for the Americans. They did hold to believe what they said that God himself didn’t love them because they were black. Capable: The general subject of this narrative was the triumph of Joe Louis “Brown Bomber” against Primo Carnera. Typifying the triumph of African American society against American society.

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In other words African American people weren’t seen as lesser people in America after this triumph. Tone: The attitude the writer expresses in this chapter is both felicity and unhappiness. I believe at times its felicity because she’s speaking about how it was like to be around uncle Willie’s store with her brother and seeing the African American community wholly gathered together to hear the battle. Besides in other minutes she would look sad because of how American society saw them as and how they made them seem so low in society.


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