Social Issues In Society Essay, Research Paper

In today s universe, there are many societal issues, like poorness, hooliganism and

unemployment. However, bias has become the most dramatic one.

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Prejudging people for their visual aspect is a common pattern that homo

perform. Peoples are non merely roast for their colour, but besides by their

faith, sex or age. Therefore, I consider that racism, agism and sexism are

the three major jobs in our society and we need to discontinue them

instantly. Much of our universe s history were based upon racism. In the

1600 s, white work forces used Africans as slaves and treated them as they were non

homo. & # 8220 ; Colored & # 8221 ; people were non even allowed to utilize the same imbibing

fountains as white people. Fortunately, in the last three decennaries, race

bias has taken a positive bend. Many rights plans were created to

protect the African Americans. Now, the black community is non merely being

progressively respect by Caucasians, but they are besides being idolized by

1000000s of people all over the universe. The most popular watched athletics in

America, NBA hoops, is played by over 87 % of the African decent.

However, racism is still a issue that will ne’er wholly travel off.

Ageism is besides a badgering job in our society. Though many people think

that this is non a serious job, people are being harassed about their age

everyday, whether they are & # 8220 ; excessively immature & # 8221 ; or & # 8220 ; excessively old & # 8221 ; . I have dealt with this

job myself, as many other adolescents have

. When I walk into some

shops, I am asked to go forth my bag at the counter and I am frequently followed

about by employees. They watch every move I make to do certain that I

will non steal anything. I know that larceny is a quandary that many concerns

hold to cover with, but when it gets to the point of being untrusted due to your

age, it is wholly pathetic and inappropriate. Work force and adult females have

ne’er been equal in the universe and that is what we call sexism. For illustration, if

a adult male and a adult female who have the same cognition ask for the same occupation, the

foreman will likely pick the adult male. Even though they both get the occupation, the adult male

will possibly hold a better wage than the adult female. Peoples ever believe that

work forces work better than adult females but no 1 can give a hearty explication to

support that thought. Fortunately, sexism is diminishing invariably but it will

ne’er diminish to the point of complete equality. We can ne’er judge

person by their physical properties, but looking inside that individual to see

who he truly is. I think the solution to cut down racism, sexism and agism is

really simple: regard and dainty each other and as we would wish to be treated.

Besides, we need to learn kids to accept all people, no affair how do they

expression like. If we educate them and alter our attitudes toward people,

sometime in the hereafter we will be closer to accept that person s character is

ever based upon the content of his psyche, non his faith, gender, age, or the

colour of his tegument.


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