Social Marketing has become progressively popular among authoritiess and givers as a manner of turn toing societal jobs, particularly serious wellness issues. A batch of attending has been directed towards bettering the public assistance in developing states, in which wellness substructure is both developing and underfunded.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the part most to a great extent affected by HIV/AIDS and since HIV is a menace to public wellness and public assistance, attempts need to be taken to battle the spread of the disease. However, there is non yet a remedy for AIDS or HIV infection. Prevention is the lone arm against this epidemic. Therefore, a societal selling attack is necessary to alter community norms, values and sexual patterns among young persons and grownups in sub-Saharan Africa.

Social selling refers to attempts focused on act uponing mark audience behaviours that benefit society. Communication runs, bar plans, every bit good as instruction, can assist to ease a sustainable behavior alteration.

This paper is intended to supply a clear apprehension of the societal selling construct, its cardinal constituents and the function of societal selling in the battle against HIV/AIDS. It defines the principle for societal selling, HIV-focused intercessions and behavior alteration communicating, and addresses the AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Specifying Social Selling

What is Social Marketing?

Social selling is a “ distinguishable selling subject ” that aims to better the public assistance of the society. Its chief focal point lies on act uponing and altering public behaviour through the application of commercial selling techniques ( Kotler and Lee, 2008 ) . Kotler, Lee and Rothschild ( 2006 ) define societal selling as “ a procedure that applies selling rules and techniques to make, pass on, and present value in order to act upon mark audience behaviours that benefit society every bit good as the mark audience ” ( Kotler and Lee, 2008 ) .

Social sellers sell behaviours instead than goods or services, and seek to promote mark audiences to either follow a new behaviour, object an unwanted behaviour, change a current behaviour, or predate an unwanted one. Their ultimate end is to take the mark group towards the coveted behaviour and acquire them to purchase it. Social selling patterns are by and large undertaken to protect the environment, prevent hurts, addition community engagement, and better public wellness ( Kotler and Lee, 2008 ) .

Origins/History of Social Marketing/Historical background

Social selling evolved as a formal subject in the early 1970s, when Philip Kotler and Gerald Zaltman introduced the term for the first clip ( Kotler and Lee, 2008 ) and found out that commercial selling techniques and schemes could non merely be used to sell merchandises, but besides to “ sell thoughts, attitudes and behaviours ” ( Weinreich Communications, 2006 ) . At that clip, runs for societal behaviour alteration were non a new phenomenon and were already widely used to antagonize unethical and unfavourable patterns, for illustration, to halt bondage and kid labour, recruit adult females to the work force, and enforce adult females ‘s right to vote ( Kotler and Lee, 2008 ) . Although the societal selling construct was considered controversial in the beginning, it came to be widely adopted and researched after it was officially introduced ( Bloom and Gundlach, 2001 ) . In the 1980s, the World Bank, World Health Organization, and Centers for Disease Control started to raise involvement in societal selling and utilize the term, which led to the acceptance of societal selling in the field of public wellness. During the 1990s, the first academic plans covering with societal selling were established and the construct ( theory and pattern ) began to take form. Since the twelvemonth 2000, the societal selling field has grown and the construct has good established as an effectual manner to accomplish behaviour in countries such as public wellness, safety, environment, and community engagement ( Kotler and Lee, 2008 ) .

Who does Social Marketing?

Social selling patterns are chiefly used by frontline professionals who are responsible for environmental protection, hurt bar, community engagement, and public wellness betterment. Organizations that patron and implement these attempts are public sector bureaus ( governmental bureaus and organisations ) , non-profit-making organisations ( e.g. Amnesty International and Greenpeace ) for-profit organisations ( e.g. pharmaceutical and insurance companies ) , every bit good as organisations that are involved in the development of societal selling plans and runs, such as advertisement and public dealingss bureaus, selling research companies, and marketing consulting houses. For-profit organisations incorporate societal selling activities to chiefly accomplish organisational ends and fasten client relationships, while non-profit-making organisations use societal selling constructs to work out societal issues and achieve public benefits that are in line with their mission ( Kotler and Lee, 2008 )

Social Marketing vs. Commercial Selling

There are a twosome of distinguishable differences between commercial and societal selling, even though the same techniques and rules ( client orientation, exchange theory, selling research, cleavage, 4P ‘s, and measuring ) are used. While commercial selling focal points on selling goods and services, societal selling intends to sell a behaviour. The primary end of commercial selling is to maximise fiscal additions and stockholder wealth, whereas the end of societal selling is to accomplish societal additions and better society ‘s public assistance. Based on these aims, commercial sellers pick market sections that promise high net incomes. Social sellers, nevertheless, choice market sections harmonizing to standards such as prevalence of societal job, handiness to aim audience, and preparedness for action/change. The two constructs have besides different positions on competition. In commercial selling, organisations that offer similar merchandises or services are regarded as rivals. In societal selling, the competition is identified as the mark market ‘s “ current or preferable behaviour ” instead than organisations offering similar merchandises and services ( Kotler and Lee, 2008 ) .

Public Health Promotion

Although societal selling purposes to work out a assortment of societal jobs, a batch of attending is drawn towards bettering the populace ‘s wellness. aˆ¦social selling is carried out in wellness countries like, tackle wellness issues like smoke, orgy imbibing, fleshiness, adolescent gestation, diabetes, malignant neoplastic disease, and HIV/AIDS

The battle against HIV/AIDS

Overview of HIV/AIDS

The challenge of battling HIV

Sub-Saharan Africa

Regional Overview

Sub-Saharan Africa is the part most to a great extent affected by HIV. In 2008, the figure of people populating with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa was 22.4 million and around 1.9 million people were freshly infected. In the same twelvemonth, the part accounted for 67 % of all HIV infections and 72 % of AIDS-related deceases worldwide. Swaziland, which is located in south-eastern Africa, has the universe ‘s highest HIV prevalence rate ( UNAIDS and WHO, 2009 ) .

Actions against HIV/AIDS

The function of authoritiess and AIDS organisations

Where does the support semen from?

Behaviour Change and HIV Prevention

A societal selling attack

Social selling is an of import tool in battling the spread of HIV/AIDS. Since wellness substructure is both developing and underfunded in many sub-Saharan African states, a societal selling attack is necessary to supply information on AIDS, make preventive merchandises available and low-cost, and promote the acceptance of a healthier behavior. ( UNAIDS, 1998 )

Condom societal selling

Condoms plays a important function in HIV bar ( UNAIDS, 2009 )

Geting the message across

Behaviour alteration communicating


List of Abbreviations

AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

AMA – American Marketing Association

BCC – Behavior Change Communication

CSM – Condom Social Marketing

HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome

UNAIDS – Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS

WHO – World Health Organization

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