Social media has become more widely used in the past few old ages while traditional methods have been used less. There are many ways to utilize societal media to market an event. It can be used to make to a great figure of people. maintain in contact with attendants. and hear feedback. Although there are a figure of positive affects of societal media. there are besides negative affects every bit good. Negative affects can include. misused information. pull the incorrect type of attendants and in some instances. excessively much media. Many people believe Internet is doing people more stray from the existent universe while others see it as turning engagement.

Traditional Selling

Traditional selling involved “the 4 P’s” . selling mix. and word of oral cavity. The 4 P’s assumed that the marketer purchases a merchandise by the elements of monetary value. merchandise. topographic point and publicity ( Karic. D. ) . The selling mix separates activities and selling sections are created to take duty for the maps of selling ( D. Karic. D. ) . Traditional methods have been proven to work and hold a high success rate. The traditional methods allow clients to larn of your event by mail. newspaper. wireless which can make them anyplace they are ( Higuera. V. ) . New methods make clients traveling online to happen your event to which you have to utilize traditional methods to make clients ( Higuera. V. ) . Traditionally marketing schemes were no different between maintaining bing clients and pulling new 1s ( Traditional vs. Social Media Marketing ) . The best thing that could be done was to supply a great experience and hope they come back and convey people with them ( Traditional vs. Social Media Marketing ) . Now. societal media can assist you make to bing clients. remind them to come back. and portion every bit easy as pressing a “like” button ( Traditional vs. Social Media Marketing ) .

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Social Media

Henderson ( 2010 ) defines societal media is defined at “collaborative online applications and engineerings that enable engagement. connectivity. user-generated content. sharing of information. and coaction amongst a community of users” . Social networking allows people to portion information and make a community of friends ( Karic. D. ) . Blog web sites are written by a individual to supply information about a subject to the universe and to make an active manner of communicating to readers ( Karic. D. ) . Video and photo sharing like YouTube doing entree to see pictures and exposures. and station remarks more simple ( Karic. D. ) . Marketing through societal media. including Facebook. Twitter and YouTube. are free which makes this type of advertisement really come-at-able. These sites allow people with similar likes to link and speak about assorted events. The followings can so entree information about the event. portion narratives. station images. while supplying provender back for the event contrivers.


One of the best advantages of societal media is that it is free. Most societal media mercantile establishments are free for you and for your followings and possible followings. Prosecuting your audience is merely takes a marketer’s clip ( Hearn. S. ) . Social media mercantile establishments allow you. as a seller. to happen out tendencies and what your mean client thinks ( Hearn. S. ) . Researching what your typical client is believing can let you to provide to their demands and outlooks. These types of societal media provide existent penetration into what they are believing and speaking about non merely catchs and bombilation ( Hearn. S. ) . Having a connexion between the event and followings is good for having information about the ideas that followings have on the event but besides the relationship between followings and followings. The follower/follower relationship besides allows information about your event to distribute to a more broad scope of possible followings.


Companies may be issues commanding the information that gets spread about. Most societal media sites do non let companies to cancel remarks. stations or other information being publically posted. Users of societal media can bring forth information non verified by the company. which can be either true or false. Information can be altered/changed wholly when being streamed through different ways of communicating that can alter your events repute. New methods of societal media can do clients seek for events instead than hear about them from different traditional methods ( Higuera. V. ) . This can do those clients come across rivals that can do them to bury about you ( Higuera. V. ) .


Social media may stop up aching the event/company’s name ( Beirut ) . Hundreds or 1000s of people will see if you make a error online. It takes a batch of clip and attempt to efficaciously manage societal media ( Beirut ) . To efficaciously manage societal media at that place needs to be an apprehension of how to utilize it right and which channels that need concentrating ( Beirut ) . Employees may take advantage of societal media and waste clip utilizing sites to blow clip and usage that to assail the events repute ( Beirut ) . Measuring consequences of the event and who is really go toing or who is talking the truth about the event is difficult to find when utilizing societal media ( Beirut ) . It might be difficult to find how much clip and money demand to be invested when selling without cognizing how many people are go toing the event. Social media gives your company more available to engineering hazards such as malware and viruses ( Stroud ) Technology hazards are largely caused by the deficiency of apprehension of possible menaces by employees. When utilizing societal media. policies for individual usage and behaviour of societal media should be focused.


Here is a list of hazards that may happen when utilizing societal media ( Robinson. K. . Gottesman. R. ) :

Loss of competitory advantage
• More accessible to viruses and malware
• Fake profiles may show themselves to clients
• No control on content
• Employees personal histories used to speak work-related information

• Employee poster of images or information that link them to the endeavor

• Employee inordinate usage of societal media in the workplace. cachexia clip

• Disclosure of corporate assets and sensitive information accessible to unauthorised parties Conclusion

There are many ways societal media can be used for exposing a positive affect on an event. but there are negative affects every bit good. The negative affects should non halt you from utilizing societal media. you should merely utilize societal media carefully. Knowing how to properly market your event should be based on size. subject and background.


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