After watching the film The Social Network. the first thing I did was to seek for Mark Zuckerberg’s existent life experiences to see which parts are facts and which are fictions. As a affair of fact. this Harvard mastermind that founded the world’s foremost societal web was non every bit infantile as the film portrayed. At least he didn’t write scheduling for acquiring into elect Harvard “Final Clubs” or for revenging his girlfriend. During Mark’s high school. Microsoft and AOL tried to buy the music participant that he built and besides invited him to fall in them. However. Mark decided to inscribe in Harvard for farther instruction. From where I stand. although the film is fictional. it can easy percolate up the ears of the public and provoke independent ideas and treatments. And for Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook itself. it can be a particular chance for them to publicise their company and allow people larn more about the true significance of their web site which means it’s worth fictionalising the episodes through movie creative activity. In the film. Mark Zuckerberg has been caught up in the passion of the minute entirely.

From the portion that he breaks up with his girlfriend. we can see that he’s non good at interpersonal communicating in existent life but believes that he rises above the common herd. It is the break-up which promotes the launch of the Facebook. David Fincher. as a manager. used tense and rapid beat to foreground the obstinate and boisterous attitude of the character. The thing that Mark interested in besides meant something to David Fincher: How does the societal web alteration human relationships and people’s life style? And how people’s ways of communicating get evolved in this Facebook Age? David attached great importance to the inside informations in the film. For illustration. the protagonist’s vesture. and even those Adidas sandals are the accurate reproductions of the existent narrative. Particularly when Bill Gates is giving a address standing on the Lowell Lecture Hall. all the inside informations in the film have replaced the existent images. “It’s interesting what material they focused on acquiring right. ” Mark Zuckerberg said during a blunt interview at the Y-combinator event over the weekend. “Like. every individual shirt and fleece that I had in that film is really a shirt or fleece that I own. ”

“Someone might construct something because they like constructing things. ” Zuckerberg explains. Normally. Mark should be the individual who cares about the film most and might be pissed away because the film portrayed him in an uncomplimentary visible radiation. But it seems that he respects the thoughts and determinations of the film makers. more or less. in footings of artistic creative activity. It was because he wanted to see how film makers would construe his impossible narrative. This sort of art stresses the labyrinth beyond art and the existent universe. which can merely be seen through by smart people who besides show regard to the graphics. “The movie’s concluding image—Zuckerberg “friending” the adult female who dumped him and infinitely reviewing the page to see if she accepts—is presented as hapless sarcasm. But you could besides read it as a mark of hope. In the Facebook universe. which is now ours. a new communicating substructure exists. with no avenues definitively closed. ” ( Edelstein ) The existent Zuckerberg had a vision that Facebook would assist make communities in an ever-insular universe. And now we have seen the development.

The universe is altering so fast that we all get confused and disoriented without cognizing what to make next. We like the Facebook: fast. simple. up-to-date…While the film is seeking to state the audience that sometimes decelerating down is non bad. There are a batch of cherished things in the universe that are unable to maintain up with the beat of the money and engineering. such as art. love. friendly relationship and religion. It’s hard to judge the virtues of the assorted functions in the movie. Of class Mark Zuckerberg has done some black things and the grounds could be found in concern regulations. Mark has besides tried to recover his relationship with his friend Saverin but paid the monetary value for his treachery finally. Mark Zuckerberg is merely a individual who has been running so fast that no 1 can catch up with him. As a consequence. the stoping was designed to be lonely. On the one manus. the narrative that a mastermind changes the dating form of human but can non acquire existent friends in his ain life itself is a crisp sarcasm. But on the other manus. thanks to his success. we got Facebook as a gift and The Social Network every bit good so that 1000s of immature Marks can keep their motives and desires for their future dreams.

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“In a sense. this is a film about an discoverer and how he invented something with a half a billion users worldwide. Yet there is irreverence and a distance in the relation of this saga that you could ne’er conceive of in a film about Thomas Edison. Alexander Graham Bell or the Wright brothers. ” ( LaSalle ) As a demand of movie narrative. the fiction is successful and a smart adult male knows clearly that it’s merely a fiction. David Fincher made more attempts to demo but non to judge because the revolution is still on. Zuckerberg has become a billionaire and his ain manner of communicating will melt under a aura of quickness.

However. the alteration that his Facebook brought to us is still go oning. Mark is doubtless successful since his exceeding proficient ability and foresight advance the development of our full web. No affair how the film fictionalizes the characters. they all become positive in the terminal because we have already admitted our existent humanistic disciplines. This is the consequence of the rational. but to run into the emotional demands. It is a true presentation to demo how exciting and sympathetic the narrative can be to hold influence on human life. The myth is still really far from its completion.

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