Facebook. founded by Mark Zuckerberg. is a societal networking service launched in February 2004.
a ) Strengths
1. Facebook has a enormous societal web. As of September 2012. Facebook has over one billion active users. more than half of whom use Facebook on a nomadic device. 2. It ranks the 2nd among the top 500 networking sites.

3. It has been translated into 70 linguistic communications so that people in any state can utilize it easy. Hence. different people around the universe where they can portion their thoughts and reconnect. 4. Facebook has a strong trade name name.

5. It possesses the highest market portion among the networking sites. 6. The mark audience is monolithic. Facebook is available for everyone. 7. It has a really strong fiscal place.

( B ) . Failing:
1. There are monolithic advertizements which distract the users. 2. The site makes a batch of changeless alterations and people can non accommodate these alterations. 3. Privacy job

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hypertext transfer protocol: //talkfinanceonline. com/swot-analysis-of-facebook/
hypertext transfer protocol: //www. instantshift. com/2012/08/22/facebook-and-the-impact-of-technology/ OpenRice
OpenRice is a nutrient and eating house usher web site which presently operates in Hong Kong. Macau. China. Singapore. Indonesia. Philippines and Thailand. It was launched for Hong Kong ( in traditional Chinese ) in 1999.

a ) Strengths
1. OpenRice possess a immense information base of information. As of July 2012. the Hong Kong web site has about 40. 000 recorded eating houses. 530. 000 registered diners and over 572. 000 evaluations and remarks. All these resources provide abundant information for the users. 2. The evaluation system and remarks from users themselves provide comparatively believable information about eating houses. 3. It is the largest and celebrated nutrient usher in Hong Kong.

B ) Weaknesses
1. There may be some bogus and undependable information about eating houses. particularly for those little eating houses. Few remarks may non be all-around and just. 2. Some informations is non up-to-dated.

Instagram. created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and launched in October 2010. is an on-line photo-sharing and societal networking service that enables its users to take images. use digital filters to them. and portion them on a assortment of societal networking services. such as media sites including Facebook or Twitter. Users can upload exposure. link their Instagram history to other societal networking sites and follow other user’s provenders. In 2012. Instagram created web profiles which allow users to utilize their Instagram history like a societal media site. This gave users a web profile having a choice of late shared exposure. biographical information. and other personal inside informations. 100 million exposure had been uploaded to its service as of July 2011. This entire reached 150 million in August 2011.

a ) Strength
1. It possesses a immense information base and active users. There are over 100 million registered users and around 90 million monthly active users as of January 2013. 2. Instagram has a strong trade name name.

3. Provide free and easy entree service both on-line and on phones 4. Easily connect and portion exposures through celebrated societal media sites. such as Facebook or Twitter. which helps to raise its trade name consciousness.

B ) Weaknesses
1. Privacy Problem
On December 17. 2012. Instagram updated its Footings of Service to let Instagram the right to sell users’ exposures to 3rd parties without
presentment or compensation get downing on January 16. 2013.


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