What is the first step you take when you get on the computer or phone? Most likely, you check your Facebook, update your twitter and check out last nights photographs in which you were tagged. Take a look around, everyone of all ages are whipping out their smart phones to check the most recent updates. What was going on before Facebook? Myspace? Before that? None of that probably did not even exist yet or everyone was too young to even have a cell phone or know about these types of social networking.

Today, kids are getting younger and younger wanting to take part in more and more such as make Facebook accounts. In the past decade, social networking has became very popular in many peoples lives. As it becomes more popular, it brings along more difficulties instead of benefits. Statistics show that 47% of online adults use social networking sites and 73% of teens and young adults are a member of at least one social network. Since when does everyone have time to keep up with all the networking? The truth is, they do not.

Why spend so much time worrying about who is arguing or breaking up, when there can be more productive steps going on to help improve lives? Twitter has twenty four million unique visitors per month, with five hundred million tweets per day. Due to all this technology, the worlds communication skills are getting worse. If there is something that important to tell someone, tell them in person, no need to tweet. Apuzzio 2 Regina Lynn states in her article, The New Communication Technology: Challenge to Modern Relationships, we’re allegedly replacing real relationships with fake ones, true intimacy with illusion and strong social bonding with pseudo-social networking. This is all because a lot of people apparently spend a lot of time conversing online rather than in the flesh. ” (Lynn, 87) Its nice going on Facebook, seeing people argue over a status and comments, and knowing they would never have the guts to say all that to a persons face.

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People in the world need better communication skills and more human interaction, but the more technology and social networking there is, people are never going to learn. “Mobile devices should not make us impolite. ” (Lynn, 87) It is more then obvious that the cashier is annoyed when someone is being checked out and there gabbing on the phone or standing there texting. Did parents teach these people manners, because it is so rude. Even though many people may not realize it, it is extremely disrespectful not to pay attention to someone who is helping you or trying to have a conversation with you.

Not only do these technological devices make lacking communication skills worse, but makes people seem rude especially to the older generation. Most of the time when you update your status or post up new pictures, you probably do not really think about all the people that creep on your page everyday. Your name probably comes up more then you think in a persons conversations because of what you posted last night. Think about it, when you chat with friends, usually something comes up about some new gossip that you saw on someone’s Facebook.

See, you check Apuzzio 3 out others information and they most likely have no idea that you do, unless your a close friend. As Mapes said in Is Big Brother Watching Your Every Move? “So next time you log in, keep in mid that people are following your life with out your knowledge. ” (Mapes, 103) It seems like social network websites can really make or break you now a days. Remember back in the day when all the girls were “Myspace whores” and each had 3,000 + friends, with a sexy picture and “guidette” written all over their pages?

They were really trying to make something of themselves, like trying to be popular or something but it just did not work out. How about when your best friend signs on her boyfriends page and sees messages from another girl, that can kill someone inside. It is easier said then done but working out problems in person is a lot more respectful. Another point that comes to mind is all the dating websites. Can you say dangerous in a better way? You have no idea who is really behind a computer screen.

What is wrong with going out and meeting people? Why does a man or woman have to sit behind a screen and try to meet someone when they do not even know who they really are? That just sounds like your asking for trouble. When it is on the news that someone went missing after meeting up with someone from a social networking site, maybe people will start to think twice, but most likely they will not care. Enough about the downfalls of these websites, how about some positives.

Facebook is amazing for wanting to stay in touch with your friends and family who live around the world. It is nice seeing pictures of how the kids are grown and the new dog they just added to the family. It is also cheaper then making a long distance call because Apuzzio 4 most social networking sites are free 24/7. This really seems like the only advantage about these sites. As you can see, social networking sites have a lot more downfalls than benefits in today’s society.

Unfortunately, society is never going to get away from them because more and more sites are exploding rapidly. The only way to get away from them is to get detached and deactivate personal accounts. This is most likely not going to happen. Honestly the smartest people are the ones who never created a Facebook or Twitter and they get looked at as weird when they say ‘I do not have a Facebook. ’ Even if society can not get away from these sites, as a whole, they should at least try to better themselves with communication skills, privacy and manners.


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