Thesis: Stereotypes have many negative effects such as bring oning a discriminatory motion. holding an impact on the psychological individuality of a individual. and taking to biass. I. Stereotypes may bring on a discriminatory motion. A. Fat individuals are non hired in some companies. B. Stereotypes tend to forestall people from larning existent facts about an person. C. Generalizations can bring on false accusals. II. Stereotypes may hold an impact on the psychological individuality of a individual. A. A small male child who grows up in a minority group restrains his ain accomplishments because of negative stereotypes about his group.

B. The individuals in a minority group tend to fall into an insecure or negative behaviour. C. Stereotypes can advance success in the bulk of groups. D. An person can experience lost as he or she doesn’t fit the stereotype attributed to the group. III. Stereotypes lead to biass. A. All Arab people are considered as unsafe. B. The media provides a batch of negative images about Arab people. C. The negative images may forestall friendly relationship. Peoples are All the Same Soren Kierkegaard said one time: “Once you label me you negate me.

” Indeed. people tend to judge all the clip the people that they consider different from them. Our encephalons are merely wired to pigeonhole others by some basic generalisations. Peoples categorize the individuals every twenty-four hours by race. gender. faith. cultural background. and so on. However. it is when people overuse these generalisations that the danger can look. Stereotypes have many negative effects such as bring oning a discriminatory motion. holding an impact on the psychological individuality of a individual. and taking to biass. First. stereotypes may bring on a discriminatory motion.

A good illustration is when any company wants to engage a fat individual. Indeed. these companies focus merely on the build of the individual who is using for the occupation alternatively of looking at his or her existent accomplishments. The build of the fat individual Acts of the Apostless as an obstruction to the other individuals. In other words. it stops people from larning existent facts about the subjected single. Peoples normally see the fat individuals as lazy. non healthy. incompetent. or even as handicapped. This generalisation allows people to believe that fat individuals don’t have a legal right to be hired when in fact. they do hold this right.

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Besides. based on other negative generalisations. people may be accused for illustration for condemnable facts without holding any believable cogent evidence. As Alane Michaelson explained in his essay ‘stereotyping Consequences. ’ they tend to impeach them merely because of their race. their faith. or any other characteristic that make them belonging to another societal group. Therefore. favoritism is one of the greatest hazards associated with stereotypes. Second. stereotypes may hold an impact on the psychological individuality of a individual.

When a small male child grows up in a minority group where the people are ever seen as incompetent. he may get down to believe on these critics and. accordingly. get down to keep his ain accomplishments unconsciously. Hearing ageless stereotypes about a group may do the individuals belonging to this group to believe that all the stereotypes that are said out by the minority group are true. Therefore. as Julie Moore mentioned is her article ‘The Effectss of Stereotyping. ’ the individuals in minority tend to fall into an insecure or negative behaviour.

Consequently. kids can non turn up decently with all these stereotypes that surround them in their day-to-day life. However. the impact on the individuality of the person can hold an opposite consequence when it comes to positives stereotypes in the bulk groups. In this instance. alternatively of restricting their accomplishments. people improve their accomplishments until they reach the generalised fact. In this mode. these people will experience that they are “true” participants in the group as they fit to the stereotype. In contrast. some people may besides experience non appropriate to the group that they belong as they don’t belong to the stereotype attributed tothe gr oup.

Therefore. generalisations made about a group can hold an of import impact on the individuality of the individuals belonging to this group. Third. stereotypes lead to biass. In her article ‘The Effect of Stereotyping. ’ Julie Moore explains an illustration that is related more or less to the chief thought of the first paragraph: when a white female individual doesn’t attack an Arab individual who is following her as she believes that all Arab individuals are unsafe. Therefore. the female Judgess before meeting or speech production with the adult male.

Obviously. this bias doesn’t come from nowhere ; it is really partially the consequence of the media consequence that tends to throw a batch of negative images about the Arabian people. They ever project images of Arab with arms in a mode to demo to the universe that they are unsafe. Besides. because of these negative biass that people normally make. edifice relationship with new friends can frequently be a large obstruction. If the white adult female knew that the Arab adult male was in fact a rich celebrated sawbones in America. she would straight set up a conversation with him.

Therefore. biass can frequently take to surprised consequence. Yet another illustration related to biass is Brent Staples’ experiences. Through his essay ‘Night Walker. ’ the black adult male explains how people. particularly misss. are afraid of him when he walks behind them in a dark and empty street because of his tegument colour and the manner he dresses. Consequently. while stereotypes appear as a natural fact and aid people to understand certain groups as a whole. they don’t include and allow single differences.

By making stereotypes. people promote more favoritism. biass. and a important impact on the individual’s individuality. Therefore. to forestall all these negative consequence of stereotypes. people should take into consideration that even if every single belongs to a certain group. it doesn’t mean that a individual is like all the other members of the group. Peoples should make bold to near the individuals that are different than them by allowing travel the negative images and larning about each other as particular persons.

Finally. making relationship with people that are wholly different would be like a benefit that may take to a rich and interesting life. Works cited Aronson. Joshua. “The Impact of Stereotypes. ” BU Today. Science & A ; Tech. 28 Mar. 2008. Web. 13 Apr. 2013. Michaelson. Alane. “Stereotyping Consequences. ” eHow. Culture & A ; Society. 13 Jun. 2010. Web. 13 Apr. 2013. Moore. Julie. “The Effect of Stereotyping. ” Mental wellness. Yahoo. 4 May 2007. Web. 13 Apr. 2013. Staples. Brent. “Night Walker. ” The Short Prose Reader. Ed. Gilbert H. Muller and Harvey S. Wiener. 13th erectile dysfunction. New York: McGraw-Hill 2013. 220-23. Print.


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