Discuss differences in terms: prejudice, discrimination, racism, stereotyping 2. Recent research on prevalence of prejudice and stereotyping 3. How racial prejudice (toward African Americans) has changed since the sass’s 4. Describe the research by Clark and Clark 5. Cross cultural study from 27 countries on gender 6. Social Dominance Orientation- Characteristics, career choice/social dominance 7. Altimeter’s research on social dominance 8. Church membership and prejudice 9. Pedigree’s study in South Africa- Who was the most prejudiced? 10. Theories of Aggression 1 1 . Types of aggression-hostile and instrumental 12.

Frustration-aggression hypothesis-research by Dollar and Borrowers 13. Displaced aggression 14. Biological theories of aggression-Freud, Lorenz 15. Brain activity associated with aggression 16. Neural influence on aggression 17. Effect of alcohol on aggression 18. Relationship between testosterone and aggression 19. Realistic Group Conflict Theory- Gauze’s Law 20. In group – Out group Bias-when are we more prone to In-group bias? 21 . Group- serving Bias 22. Out-group Homogeneity Effect 23. Just World Phenomenon 24. Sub-grouping versus sub-typing 25. Stereotype threat 26. Define aggression 27. Relative Deprivation Theory 8.

Adaptation level theory 29. Research by Bandeau on aggression 30. Aggression as a learned response 31 . Research on role of family Influence on aggression 32. Relationship between parental (father abuse and violence) 33. Correlation between having been abused and abusing own children 34. Triggers for aggression- Borrowers 35. Effect of sexually violent movies on rape 36. Effect of violent TV and domestic abuse 37. Relationship between heat and violent actively 38. Catharsis hypothesis 39. Andersen’s research on video games 40. Effect of social ostracism on the brain (especially from the Internet) 41 .

Relationship between aggression and Intelligence 42. Scattering (1962) 44. Define Pro-social behavior 45. Complementarily Theory 46. Reward Theory 47. Aaron’s and Linden (1965) 48. Mere exposure effect 49. Derby/Birched (1967)-anticipation of relationship 50. Dutton and Aaron’s Bridge Study

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