The recommendations for the future included by example, need to more definite performance data and also need to more obligations to specific goals with timeliness, McDonald’s also need have a greater focus on food and nutrition issues. Stakeholder feedback also helped McDonald’s identify priority areas for future creativities. Ethical issues Ethics could be defined as moral principles that support decision making. Ethics is what is thought to be morally acceptable. The organizational ethical issues which are filled around McDonald’s consist of food health, ill-treatment of animals, exploitation of children, and destruction of rainforest’s.

Besides hat, globalization, American, McDonald’s activism, Europe governments are anti on McDonald’s had also been the concerns and ethical challenges for the fast food giant. First, McDonald’s as the world’s leading fast food company has definitely been first in the firing line and want to touch the field of food health. But the problem in obesity and healthy has confronted McDonald’s. McDonald’s also has evaluated for providing unbalance menu and deficient nutrition information about food. Consequently, it was encourages consumers especially teenagers to make unhealthy choices.

Have a lot of global company has also been claimed for its standard fare of the high calorie burgers and fries as the major factor of growth obesity rate among the consumers. The fast food chain was accused teenagers about the health of the product. Another issues of McDonald’s organizational ethics is the claim that the company’s advertising was exploits children. McDonald’s also blamed confusing the children about their food was using attracted advertising to encourage teenager consumers to choose their food, so that this will causes healthy problems to them.

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