Social networks

Social networks are
defined as web-based sites that enable people to express themselves and
identify other people who share the same interests. Social networks are virtual
communities that empower their users Sharing ideas and interests, as well
as making new friends and Social networks sites are a prominent media phenomenon
today, attracting a large number of people from society, especially young
people, as the most influential group in societies with the energy and change
they have. What impact? What is its importance in our reality? What is the
positive sides and negatives sides ?

What has
characterized the modern era is the tremendous progress in communication
technology, and the social networking pages of various types and forms. These
methods have emerged as a cultural achievement created by the giant creative
minds through the most advanced technologies, and these means of communication
have great positive and negative effects

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and we have some of
social networks changed the live like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are
among the most popular social networking sites of the day. The goals of these
sites and other social networks are varied. Some of these networks are designed
to connect people Some of them and make friends around the world, some of
which aim to create social networks within a certain scope and limited to a
specific category and area such as specialized networks design and imaging, for


The importance of
social networks :

Social networks play
an important role in many things, including

-Gives human the
opportunity to express himself and his interests, and share his thoughts and
feelings with those who share the same interest and ideas; since human is
social by nature and can not live in isolation from humanity.

– Allow people to share their special
occasions,anywhere in the world, which has been very difficult in the past for

– events and news whether political,
economic, social, sports or artistic as they occur; information, photos and
videos can be exchanged quickly, as modern media have not been able to keep
pace with them.

– influence public
opinion clearly and in various aspects.

Despite the importance
of social networks and their effective role in our lives, there are many
individuals who misuse these networks to achieve corrupt interests, leading to
wasting time uselessly.

the positive sides:

Social networking has
many positive it has made a big difference in the world of technology and the
world as a whole, Social
networking allows people to communicate wherever they are it enables meeting
people with common ideas and enables job creation, The possibility of finding people with
common interests, getting to know them, and communicating with them, The speed of news dissemination, Social networking is a source of pleasure
for some people, and it is done by following the latest newsletters

the negatives sides:

the negative aspects
of social networking sites are so serious that they directly affect human life
and security,some people exaggerate in giving importance to user reactions from
interactions, comments, poor sleep quality, due to the prolonged use of light-emitting
electronic devices, the user may
be at risk, especially when using these sites while driving the vehicle,
may be a source of inconvenience,
especially when the user receives a lot of news that may not be important to
him,a waste of time if not properly exploited; statistics have shown that 28%
of the time spent on the use of the Internet is on


Social networking
sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and these networks make the user to
find people who want him like a partner at work, neighbors, celebrities and
friends. This communication makes you a larger society in an easy way in the
electronic environment but with all these aspects there is a much bigger
negative side a person has to show between aspects, according to Cornell University’s Steven
Strogatz, social media sites can make it more difficult for us to distinguish
between the meaningful relationships we foster in the real world, and the
numerous casual relationships formed through social media. By focusing so much
of our time and psychic energy on these less meaningful relationships, our most
important connections, he fears, will weaken


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