Socialization Of Self Essay, Research Paper

American values are a slippery thing. It seems that the value set alterations with each person. & # 8220 ; American pragmatism is really rooted in profoundly held anti-authoritarian, individualistic, classless, activist ideals, which privilege personal pick, flexibleness, and proficient efficiency with the chase of success, nevertheless success is defined. & # 8221 ; ( Hall, Lindholm, pg. 91 ) Basically, an single & # 8217 ; s values are what that single decides they are. The key to understanding this is recognizing that above about all else, Americans prize, value, and acknowledge the sacredness of being an person. Surely there are basic outlooks of all people populating in American society regardless of how the single feels they must acknowledge that they exist in the U.S. with a billion & # 8220 ; individuals. & # 8221 ;

Americans seem to believe & # 8221 ; . . . that & # 8216 ; nice & # 8217 ; people of good will, as all true Americans are assumed to be, ought to be able to make a via media and maintain the societal peace. Those who keep on declining the way of via media are castigated as trouble-makers, rabble-rousers, and even un-American. & # 8221 ; ( Lipset, pg. 44 ) The regulations are simple. I am an single seeking to be with tonss of other persons and we are all seeking non to kill one another and still populate a satisfying being. But, how does understanding the state of affairs impact how I choose to populate? It is still up to me to make up one’s mind whether or non I will steal a frock from a shop, purchase it with hard currency, or pay for it with a recognition card. What do I value most, freedom & # 8211 ; presuming I get caught stealing the frock, straight-out ownership of something I can purchase or willingness to owe person for something I can non presently afford? Unfortunately understanding that I am an person and am responsible for making the list of what values I will stay by does non do life by my values any easier.

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I feel as if I live my life seeking to happen a balance between two universes that overlap in some ways and will ne’er touch in others. & # 8220 ; The United States has legion spiritual, racial, and cultural groups every bit good as infinite involvement groups. . .. This province of personal businesss makes the occupation of stipulating U.S. values difficult. & # 8221 ; ( Henslin, pg. 46 ) I live now, and will finally work, in what is recognized as traditional white male America. The regulations are reasonably distinct and easy to understand. Work hard at an of import occupation, earn tonss of money to purchase tonss of nice things, and if you of all time have any uncertainties or inquiries, look into the information because scientific discipline has proven everything.

However, I am besides saddled with cognizing that these regulations do non keep true in every state of affairs. I have had the joy of cognizing that money means nil, that accepting what is given to you of course by manner of household or endowment is adequate to fulfill, and that there are many things that occur within the kingdom of nature that there are no accounts for and you merely have to believe.

The struggle lies in the fact that one value I hold in one case is absolutely countered by what I hold of import in another. I can non perchance fulfill populating up to all of my values all of the clip because each set aspires to different ends. So I live my life by seeking to run into each thing I come to with the apprehension that I may hold to alter my program midstream because I judged the state of affairs falsely. I have to accept that my values have to be flexible plenty for me exist in the two universe I have chosen to be in my life. I can non let myself to experience like I am bewraying on ideal for another because each might be able to be individually. Sometimes I have to take between & # 8220 ; Native & # 8221 ; Rebecca and & # 8220 ; White & # 8221 ; Rebecca. I am racially to the full native, but culturally and even ethnically, I am of assorted & # 8220 ; blood & # 8221 ; & # 8211 ; both native and white, and am invariably faced with internal bias. What is right for me in one case is non acceptable in another.

For case, when I go place to see household on the Tuscarora Indian Reservation I have to retrieve where I am because my ways of acting here in Virginia are really different from how I behave in Lewiston, New York. My & # 8220 ; Virginia & # 8221 ; self has no job traveling out and inquiring person for aid or support and anticipating an immediate response. This is because in that system of values I am responsible for traveling and acquiring what I need. I expect to happen what I need precisely when I need it and I expect to be able to hold entree to it, presuming of class that I can afford it.

On the modesty, it is non about holding entree to something and surely non about being able to afford it. I would ne’er traverse the street and inquire a neighbour for something, even if I could pay for it. First of wholly, it would be a great abuse to pay for something that person does non by and large sell because I am non leting her to give to me. Second, I would be dissing the individual that I would travel to because she was irresponsible for non detecting that I had a demand. This could be from the obvious, my house in on fire, to the subtle, my telephone is out and my neighbour has a cell phone. The focal point here is non on acquiring what you need but that what you need is being provided to you by the people that you provide for. My neighbour knows I am ill without me naming her and she sends her girl with maize soup for my full household. I know a cousin down the route is short on nutrient money this hebdomad so I send my niece to my cousin & # 8217 ; s house with some of the soup my neighbour gave me. My neighbour works all hebdomad so my cousin cleans her house for a few dollars to do ends meet. All of these dialogues occur without anyone really stating, & # 8220 ; I need. & # 8221 ; The values are non focused on the person but instead a individual greater value rises, the community is expected to act like a community.

So, if holding or non holding money on the reserve is a non-issue why am I working hard in college to work in a field renowned for its high paying occupations? An extra struggle within the value system that I have created for myself involves my perceptual experience and grasp of money. On one manus, it is of import to me to work hard and gain a good life. On the other manus, I feel like I should be happy that I have a beautiful kid, I am healthy, with a sound head, and to inquire for more is merely selfish. I have three brothers and three sisters. One brother graduated from Notre Dame & # 8217 ; s School of Architecture. One sister graduated from Buffalo University with a grade in Finance. I am working on a grade in Management Information Systems. We evidently did non take these Fieldss because they were community focused. We chose these professions because we could gain a batch of money in the Fieldss and we want to hold tonss of money. Does this average money has replaced the value of being satisfied with small or accepting what you have and being happy with that? No. Money does non replace valleies. It merely puts the values to the trial.

One of my sisters is excessively immature to be included in this illustration, but I have two brothers and another sister that combined earn less than I will when I start working. That is somewhat unjust to state because my one sister is non working and alternatively stays place to care for her kid. But the point is, she prefers passing her clip at place over working because her demands are being met. She is happy with what she has. My two brothers work building and merely work seven months out of the twelvemonth, winters are rough in the Buffalo, NY country where they work. They all live at place so lodging and nutrient is provided.

The conditions for the room and board are simple, without inquiring the dishes are ever washed, the H2O is ever full, the refuse is ever t

aken to the route Tuesday forenoons, in the summer the lawn is mowed, and the pool is maintained. For seven months out of the twelvemonth, they earn adequate money to purchase all the beer they can imbibe, a few nice nowadayss for their current adult females and maintain themselves in clean apparels. Five months out of the twelvemonth, my brothers live as paupers, no money, old apparels, and no adult females because they have no money. But if you asked my brothers if they disliked the five months that they had no money they would look at you as if you were talking a foreign linguistic communication. Why do they necessitate money? They have a warm topographic point to kip, nutrient to eat, and their household, what else do they necessitate? If they want a beer they go see a friend and acquire it at that place, for surely during the summer months that friend will be at our house imbibing my brothers’ beer.

So, if money is of small effect to half of my household why does it look to hold such a large impact on the other half? My brother, sister, and I are non any smarter than the siblings that chose non to travel to school are. Why was it of import to us to educate ourselves and increase our gaining possible? It is non based on ages as we are the eldest, in-between, and youngest. It could be personality. We are most like our female parent. When she married her hubby she told him that he would ne’er gain adequate money to purchase her the things she like so he would hold to be all right with her traveling to work. He agreed and it was merely a portion of our household. Did my female parent value money over her other communal values. No.

In fact our household has contributed greatly to the community because as we prosper so should the people around us. My brother designed a edifice for a community charitable organisation and gave them the design for free, something that would be 1000s of dollars. My sister helped work out the fundss of the wellness clinic to set up for them receive more support because past filings were inaccurate and low. I do non cognize yet what my impact back place will be. But I am certain that my aid will be needed as computing machines come into the Indian school and into the places of the people on the reserve. It is non a affair of acknowledging money as a value on its ain or replacing other values. It is a affair of cognizing the values I live by and how I can ethically gain what I want, live in the mode I want and still stay by the ego that needs to assist my community. Equally long as I can keep that balance and freely acknowledge what I earn without being self-aware, I know that I am keeping myself ethically with my fundss. When I have to keep back what I earn from those around me, it is most likely because somehow, I have shorted the people that are closest to me and I know that I did non hold to.

There are some rules that exist irrespective of how or where you live in the United States. You do non steal, you do non lie, you do non kill, you pay your revenue enhancements, and you finally die. There are surely exclusions to all of those, except the latter, but for the most portion those are regulations you merely avoid interrupting if you want to be considered ethical. If you do non stay by those simple ethical guidelines may people will see you with misgiving. It seems at times that people are abandoning these ideals on a personal degree ; but those same people expect American society on the whole to populate harmonizing to these criterions. Whether or non these ideals are based on traditional Protestant criterions does non look to count any longer as many people in the U.S. are neither traditional nor Protestant. These basic regulations seem to exceed all spiritual, racial and cultural boundaries are all every bit recognized as something that person can and at least likely should populate by. Equally much as we like to believe that every bit Americans we are alone in this great universe we are non.

I began early in this paper stating that I exist in two universes and seek to keep myself every bit good in both universe. If the truth is told, everyone exists in many universes and it does non count if you are American, Austrian, or Australian. There are still adult females from little towns working in large towns, there are female parents that work, and female parents that stay place ( they work excessively & # 8211 ; but the point is they two exist in separate universes ) . The universe is most decidedly acquiring smaller. This allows two things to go on. One, with the unbelievable growing of the Internet, people are able to link to other persons that live, work, or believe merely like them. Persons are happening that they are non alone and American seem to be okay with that. American individuality is non solely American and there are many Americans that work much better in a corporate environment. With the ability to link universe broad it will non count where you live but how you want to populate. There will most surely be a degree of cultural grading as one civilization moves towards another and they come to compromise. Of class that fits in with how I began, & # 8221 ; . . . make a via media and maintain the societal peace. & # 8221 ; ( Lipset, pg. 44 )

There are ever traveling to be those that resist the alterations that are inevitable. & # 8220 ; When people cherish some set of values and do non experience any menace to them, they experience well-being. When they cherish values but do experience them to be threatened, they experience crisis. & # 8221 ; ( Mills, pg. 25 ) We as Americans will ever be different from the remainder of the universe that is certain, but the differences will go less obvious and will most likely go a societal oddity as other states take on American visual aspects and as we take on more people from other states.

We will happen ourselves comparing us to other states. Are we more high tech, or are we more stylish, are we healthier or prettier than state X? The lines will film over but as it is now we likely are more high tech than most other states. But I do non believe I can state that we are more stylish, healthier, or prettier. But how does this relate to values in other states? It comes down to what we have focused our attendings on as a state. As a group, we have moved towards an information-based society, seting the highest economic worth on cognition. We ascertain our wealth by what we know and what we can make with what we know. We feel better about ourselves when we have reached understanding about our state of affairss. That is portion of the American value system. Other states, such as Japan, while being engineering and information driven, put much more focal point on tangibles than being satisfied with cognizing. Americans are evidently obsessed with purchasing and purchasing expensive points but the greater focal point is on how to better what we have or how to acquire more from it. That is how is has ever been for Americans, from the American Revolution to & # 8220 ; settling & # 8221 ; the West to Silicon Valley. Equally far as I can state, it will ever be this manner. There will merely be more and more people like myself, seeking to populate up to criterions based on two different kingdoms of world. I do non believe it will be a affair of giving one value for another, instead it will be one pes steadfastly planted in each. It is via media, it is American.

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