Audience get cooked to a sitcom through the execution of a great pilot episode. Pilot episodes are the kickoff of a series and tells the audience how this series will entertain us. Big Bang Theory Pilot-Being a great pilot episode of sitcom Give a little synopsis on success of show Give premise of show The Big Bang Theory pilot episode sets up for a great sitcom in every possible way. The Big Bang Theory started in 2007 and was created by Chuck Lore and Bill Brady. Chuck Lore and Bill Brady have also created other great television shows like Will ND Grace and Two and a Half Men.

The Big Bang Theory follows a group of geeky scientists and their neighbor trying to navigate through life and their friendship. The show has been a commercial and critical success. This wouldn’t been possible without the perfect set up of the pilot that hooked American audiences to follow the lives of this rag tag team of social awkwardness and hilarity. Characters that everyone can instantly pick out Penny-Everyone in the audience/pretty girl Sheldon-Annoying Smart guy Leonard -Sweet guy you root for

Howard ; Raja- Comic Relief Every pilot episode needs to be the flagship of what the audience should expect from the show. The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom which tend to be character driven. The pilot clearly states that this show will have interesting characters that the audience will root for and want to follow week after week. The characters we are first introduced to is Leonard and Sheldon, who are already in shenanigans. Leonard and Sheldon are in a sperm bank trying to make the decision of going through with it or not.

Commentary on the world around us Geek/Smart is the new sexy Pop culture reference galore I nee Big Bang I energy really Nellie pusses along ten new phenomenon AT geek Delve the new sexy. Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raja are introduced being geeks. They also have likeable personalities, great Jobs and are funny. Funny moments Show starts out in a sperm clinic and the guys can’t go through with it The pilot opens with the two main characters Leonard and Sheldon in a sperm bank. Love interest we all know are going to end up together in the end Penny and Leonard

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I can relate this to Friends-Ross and Rachel Penny is brought into the pilot about 10 minutes in. She is funny, bubbly and heartbroken from a recent breakup. Leonard instantly falls in love with her. “Our babies will be smart and beautiful. ” Give the audience direction of what direction the show will go in A show about geeks and the pretty girl making their way through life and friendship The Big Bang Theory pilot shows the audience what can be expected from the rest of the series. They engaged the audience with laughter and social awkwardness.


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