Society killed the adolescent. This statement which has been all over societal media sites such as tumblr and chirrup reasonably much expresses how the manner society sees and dainties teens can impact the manner they look. frock. act. speak. believe. and even the manner they see things. Society has this definition of beauty. To be beautiful. you have to be scraggy. tall. hold unflawed tegument. nice hair. perfect white dentition. and the list goes on and on. It’s like adolescents are being dictated on how they should look like and move. Adolescents today have been hurt and judged merely because they don’t fit in.

They sometimes even experience self-aware and regretful for themselves because they can’t live up to society’s outlooks. Doesn’t society know that adolescents are greatly affected by their judgements? Many people look at teens as a stereotype. As Reid provinces in his article: Even the manner we dress can project immediate stereotypes from the people around us. Wear a hooded sweatshirt. and we’re a hood looking to rob person. Dye our hair an unusual coloring material. and we’re creep with problems… We get stereotyped from our apparels. hairdos. societal category. the manner we act. our ethnicity. even thekind of nomadic phone or iPod we have.

It can be hard to happen our personal individuality – everything we do. state or purchase seems to be associated with a certain societal group. Sometimes we feel we should suit in with our friends. so we buy the same things and listen to the same music. Reid’s statement is precisely what is go oning today. Adolescents are being judged based on their visual aspects and actions entirely. Media besides plays a really large function in a teenager’s life particularly since they spend most of their clip watching telecasting. surfing the cyberspace. and shoping through magazines.

An on-line article on Buzzle. om entitled Media’s Effects on Teenagers provinces that “Fashion magazines are besides to fault for their calendered screens showcasing theoretical accounts with alleged “perfect” organic structures that teens idolize and work towards. while of class compromising on wellness. ” Sing and cognizing such information. the assurance of a adolescent can truly be destroyed. Society creates this image for adolescents to “look up to” which. by the manner. merely ruins them. Take for illustration those images of theoretical accounts with nice organic structures seen in magazines ; when teens look at them. they think to themselves “why don’t I look like her?

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I wish I had what she has. ” It is sad to even cognize that teens are non contented with their imperfectnesss. It may even come to a point where they ruin themselves in order to run into the criterions of society. Some even develop eating upsets like Anorexia Nervosa which. as pointed out by an on-line article on troubledteen101. com. “is one of the most common adolescent eating disorders… Anorexia means that a troubled adolescent is hungering her or himself. Teens with anorexia are obsessed with their organic structure image” ( qtd. in Nemours Foundation ) . They do this merely to be “acceptable” to the norms of society.

Despite all the influences and force per unit area the society is giving to adolescents. they should still hold their ain set of criterions based on her demands and non the wants as dictated by her environment. most specifically the society which could either destroy or better her as an acceptable person. So the destiny of a adolescent truly lies on her ain determinations. It is the teenager’s pick if she gives in to all the force per unit area and complies with society’s definition of beauty or she stays true to who she is and be contented with her ain imperfectnesss.


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