When William Butler Yeats wrote, ” I don’t care how orderly the rotation of the planets and the sun may be, I am beginning to think that ultimately everything tends toward chaos. ”, he was way ahead of his time in predicting the ultimate outcome of society as a whole. The entire world population is, in my opinion, inevitably drifting toward chaos. Although this state of confusion and disorder is not going to happen any time soon, it is bound to happen based on what humanity has evolved to. We now inhabit a world occupied with madness as it is. We live in a world where there are as many mechanical birds in the skies as real ones.

Human beings judge each other on what kind of automobiles we drive and homes we possess. We dwell in metropolis’s with 2 million people crammed in them. If this isn’t close to a state of chaos, than I don’t know what is. We as human’s have learned more about constructing technology to annihilate ourselves than to better humanity. We live in an age where nuclear world destruction is a possibility and as a whole we are heading in a downward spiral toward utter derangement. This fact can be seen in something as simple as the films that we produce.

Look at the physical setting of the movies we make that take place in the future and what do you notice? The cities are destroyed, mass violence is prevalent, and robotic beings are dominating the planet. Here it is seen that we are depicting our own future. This prediction may not be too far of a stretch and I would sure define that future as the epitome of chaos. Also to steer the world into a whirl wind of madness is not that hard of a task to accomplish. In history we’ve seen lone men put society into a temporary condition of chaos. Men such as Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, and Joseph Stalin.

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If these men alone could do this by selling their radical theories of hate, imagine what the entire human race as a whole is capable of. By one man having drastic and radical beliefs and acting upon them, the entire balance of life on the planet can be disturbed. Then besides men, we also have to worry about variables in science and nature sending our world into a state of insanity. Besides the nuclear threats and biological warfare, we have to be in despair about terrible diseases that can wipe out whole populations at the rate of that of the Black Plague in Europe.

Diseases such as AIDS and Ebola. These natural enemies are also a major contributor to our destined state of disorder and chaos. Therefor it is seen that at the rate we are hating and destroying we are setting a trend that will ultimately lead to our demise. The more we create and develop to control ourselves, the more out of control we get. Yeats saw this before some of the threats that we have developed even existed and his theory is still taking form in new ways everyday.


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