Firts of all, Turkey is a state which is rich of historic value and civilization. As you know, Turkish Republic was founded on Anatolian land and that land has welcomed many ancient civilisations until Turkish Republic ‘s creative activity such as ( East ) Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Alexander Empire, Byzantie Empire and many Turkic civilisations. As a consequence of this, histories and civilizations of these countires are hosted by Turkey. So, Turkey is responsible and proud of staying this deep history to the present clip. By and large, Istanbul, Aegean and Mediterranean sides are favored by tourers. So, In this essay, we will happen how Turkey salvage and imporve their historic values.

Anyhow, If we step on general information about Turkish touristry and Istanbul, I can state Turkish Government were so interested to hold serious developments in touristry. In early 1980 ‘s, the authorities set their economic policy to broad economic system and after this the Turkish Government were able to hold foreign investings and the authorities concentrated on the publicity and encouragement of foreign investing in Turkey.

However, harmonizing to Ministry of Tourism and State Statistics Institute, the chief intents of foreign visits are holiday and holiday, the 2nd is historical and the remainder is concern and other visits. So, 60 % of the foreign tourers are from Europe ; Germany, UK and France are directing of import propotion of tourers to Turkey which means they are serious tourer beginnings for Turkey. Recently, Commonwealth of Independent States ( C.I.S ) and The U.S.A tourer Numberss earnestly increased. Therefore, Turkey is usually good known in sun-sea-sand vacation trips and this is the chief ground for being in universe toursim market. To take more tourer ‘s attending Turkey offer more sensible monetary values to the tourers and as a consequence of this, foreign tourers stay long but they are non in high-income groups in their ain countires. The first purpose of taking attendings of tourers is to direct them to Mediterranean and Aegean beaches. Fortunately, these seashores have sandy beaches and beautiful sea but at the same clip, the good historical ruins are taken good sum of tourers. The ground is Western European tourers are normally interested in Graeco-Roman and early Christian heritage of the metropoliss of Western Turkey. However, Islamic Seljuk, Ottoman or Kemalist ( Ataturk ) Heritage are unknown and because of this there is deficiency of involvement in them. Istanbul, Izmir and Bursa and parts such as Cappadocia and Galatia are taking metropoliss where the historical ruins were located ( Ashworth & A ; Tunbridge, 2000 ) .

Anyways, After seeking few touristry schemes, Turkey made the plan “ The 5-Year Development Plan ” .In this programme the chief purpose is to take rich tourers ‘s attending to Turkey and prodive good offers on nature and alternate touristry. In first measure, they tried to decide chief jobs of the Turkish touristry sector could be classified as follows ; investing, avdertising-marketing, developing alternate touristry assortments, educated forces, seasonal fluctuations, intercapacity, direction, disposal, infrastructureurbanisation and deficiency of coordination. Equally good as the Southern and Aegean seashores, the high potency of the Eastern Black Sea, East and South-East Anatolian parts of the state are developed and promoted harmonizing to these new policies ( Dincer & A ; Istanbullu Dincer, 1999 ) . Further, in theareas of environmental sensitiveness, societal public assistance and productiveness, the Ministry of Tourism has been seeking to gain some undertakings as follows: undertakings for substructure and diversificati on of touristry, research and rating activities, attempts for the allotment of public land, particular undertaking s and educational activities ( Istanbullu Dincer,2000 ) .

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In 2002, 6,812 registered sites or Centres ( 5,278 archeological, 831 natural, 188 urban, 125 historical and 390 other sites or Centres ) were recorded by the Ministry Of Culture. On the other manus, 64,963 registered “ Immovable Culturaland Natural Values ” were recorded in the same study. Nine of them are listed in UNESCO World Heritage List, they are ; Istanbul cultural peninsula, Hierapolis Pamukkale, Hattua-Bogazkale, Goreme-Cappadocia, Divrigi Ulu Mosque and its Hospital, Nemrut Mountain, Xantthos-Letoon, Troia Archeoligical metropolis and Safranbolu. As a consequence of this, the program was to do the historical topographic points more valueble and notable. So, the state would be heard by many of the people around the universe, and it would do the state interesting in aliens eyes, and in this manner, the authorities tidies up the of import locations. Therefore, this procces breaks the ideas of state, I mean, It shows that Turkey is non merely for summer clip, it is suited to detect and bask in four seasons.

However, there are truly rigorous Torahs to protect historical, cultural and natural values in Turkish Republic, and many instutions are involved. Particularly, this covers supporting against hapless urban planning, protection policies, socio-economic jobs, ignorance of the populace, deficient control and alternate utilizations of the land ( Tapan,1998 ) . However, the hapless urban planning and etc have been quickly vanishing.

Anyhow, Istanbul iste biggest metropolis in Turkey, and it is really rich in historical and cultural features as a consequence of being the capital of the Ottoman Empire and Byzantie Empire. This is why we all can smell the history in every measure we make in Istanbul. The chief house manner in Istanbul is Ottoman, and this manner flourished in the 18th centuries. These houses of Istanbul and Edirne have ever been exemplary manners to Western Asia and Eastern Europe ( Eldem, 1993 )

The planning experience of Istanbul goes back to the Ottoman Sultan of Selim the Third in the eighteenth century and continued with the program of Moltkein the period of the Sultan Mahmut the Second in the nineteenth century. In the Republic of Turkey, the planning surveies were initiated with the aid of foreign experts that were one nvit erectile dysfunction from European states in 1933.

In T he applications of programs until 1958, the program of Istanbul was prepared around the bing historical metropolis Centre. For the first clip in 1958, be aftering surveies were initiated for the whole metropolis with a new and drawn-out theoretical account. As a consequence of assorted programs and experiences, the Marmara Region Development Plan, Urbanization Policy and Istanbul Metropolitan Field Plan were certified in 1980 ( Keskin & A ; Diren,1994 ) . But after the alteration of this program, its unity had been altered.Since the mid twentieth century, of import urbanization decisionswere taken in Istanbul with the part of foreign metropolis contrivers ; nevertheless, in the last 25 old ages demographic jobs prevented the execution of the programs and illegal urbanization sometimes shaped the planning surveies ( Tapan, 1998b ) . Today, 65 % of the urbanisation country in Istanbul metropolitan country is formed of illegal or unplanned countries ( Ekinci, 1998 ) .


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