The idea that people behave in a criminal way because they were poorly socialised has basis in fact and also can be argued against.

If a person is poorly socialised, they don’t know whether the act they are committing is deviant or not, therefore, it could be a reason why they are criminal.

Socialising happens a lot in society, young children are socialised by their parents and the schools they go to, and if they go to church, then they will be socialised there. The media socialises people too. Watching television or reading how people act in a magazine can give a person an idea to how they should live their life.

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Socialising plays an important role in a person’s life. It determines how they act around others, they way they talk, or the clothes they wear. It can play a large part in how someone regards the law, and behaviour in general.

Socialising may not be completely to blame for criminal behaviour, as it could be the influence of the media. Sometimes people are influenced by the behaviour they see on television, such as criminal behaviour shown on soaps, where the characters get away with the crimes they commit. This could make people believe that it is easier to get away with crimes, so they are likely to commit it.

People also behave in a criminal way due to their peers. If people around someone is committing crime, then it is likely that in order to fit in, so will they. The people around another person are very important. They influence a lot of aspects of that persons life. Teenagers, for example, are likely to conform to their peers. They may change their appearance or taste in fashion, and if a close friend were to commit a crime, they would probably be involved as well.

I believe that socialising is important in life, but it doesn’t influence everything that a person does. A lack of socialization doesn’t make a person a criminal. There are many factors that could determine why the person behaves in that manner, not just socialising. Such as friends, the media, and their own personal needs.

If a person has no money and need food, they may steal it. They know it is wrong due to the fact they were socialised, but it is a need they have, therefore they will still steal the food even if they know otherwise.

So in conclusion, people who are poorly socialised may be more prone to commit crime, but not in all cases. There are many examples of criminal behaviour which does not come from socialization. Eg. Crimes of revenge, need, desperation. Socialisation does play an important factor in some, for example, a person who hasn’t been socialised properly may graffiti or start fights. Breach of the peace is an example of a crime where it doesn’t matter if a person has been socialised or not, for example if they played loud music after a certain time.


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