This essay will discourse the “modern household Structures” within society and research the deficiency of any “normal” or standard household. Using bing sociology positions this essay will further discourse modern behaviors. experiences and life opportunities within a specific household unit and how they fit the bing theories. Finaly the writer will measure the usefulness if any of these theories and how they can be used in a coherent mode to explicate the impact they have on a household unit and in bend what impact the household has on the person.

Normal Family?
The image people have of a household is still the so called Nuclear household ( 1 ) popularised by sociologist such as George Murdoch ( 2 ) with parents of both sexes and one or more kids with the male parent normally being the primary finicky supplier. This is no longer every bit common as it one time was ( 3 ) and has lead to the rise of other household originals.

These different household types are varied and include but are non limited to illustrations such as the drawn-out household ( 4 ) where you have parents normally single life in the same family but with other close household members assisting with the raising of the kids possibly grandparents. aunties and uncles etc. This illustration besides may or may non populate within the same family but tend to really near to each other.

There are besides more families with a individual parent ( 5 ) now than anytime within the last 10 old ages. The individual parent family tends to be individual female parents although it can besides be individual male parents with one or more kids. The individual parent tends to be the primary attention giver of the child/children both emotionally and financially.

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There is besides now a rise in same sex households as with spouses of the same gender sharing the duties of parenting in both a fiscal and emotional sense. This is going more common ( 6 ) in the last 10 old ages as same sex twosomes are now allowed to get married or organize a civil partnership. This in bend makes acceptance easier.

Family constructions
Using one of the aforesaid household structures the treatment will now concentrate on how a sociological position can be applied to a household unit. For this illustration a immature individual that is presently in the attention system ( EB ) came from an drawn-out household background. The female parent and male parent of EB where single nevertheless they did portion a place. EB was besides cared for by her grandparents. This relationship was broken down due to behavioral issues which will be discussed subsequently.

Using footings from a Functionalism ( Consensus ) Perspective EB’s household failed to work as a complete “body” . Her parents were absent through drug usage or being imprisoned for the sale of narcotics. In this they failed in their duties to society ( 7 ) as they where non directing Emma to school to foster her instruction and societal accomplishment set to let her to turn into a productive member of society ( 8 ) . Emma behavior and general mentality became negative due to a deficiency of parental counsel or the deficiency of any effectual function. Consequently Emma’s experience where all negative as she could non number on her parents to look after her or her siblings her life opportunities besides diminished greatly due to the dysfunctional nature of her household. This caused Emma “lose sight” of common ends within the sanctioned “Functionalist perquisites” ( Talcott Parsons ) such as Goal attainment. Integration and Latency ( pattern care ) ( 9 ) which caused EB to concentrate wholly on the upbringing of her younger siblings. As at this point EB had no meaningful parental supervising and the grandparents where no longer available to offer counsel.

The following portion of the treatment on EB’s household life prior to her clip in attention will utilize the Marxist ( struggle ) footings to discourse EB’s state of affairs. EB was now the primary attention giver in a one parent household. EB had three younger kids to look after and merely her ain limited experiences of how a function theoretical account should move. EB’s initial struggle ( 10 ) would originate from her upbringing without equal parental figures to pull appropriate values such as esteeming hierarchy or societal capitalist economy ( 11 ) or positive behaviors keeping down steady productive work from she was unable to supply attention for her siblings.

Furthermore in our societies “norm” EB’s is of class unable to supply attention to immature kids as she is herself a kid. EB’s deficiency of background in a stable household life means she could non instil the proper values in her younger siblings. This led to efforts by EB’s parent to seek and make the right thing by their kids and travel directly and acquire off drugs. However this led to more struggle between EB and her parents as by now she saw herself as the parent and could non accepted relentless absentee parents as peers. The following degree of struggle came from societal work as EB was by this clip utilizing drugs and holding inappropriate relationships with older work forces. Therefore EB was now actively damaging the hereafter of the younger kids as her parents before her she could learn the appropriate values to them. The eventual alteration ( 12 ) that came from this was societal work intervened and removed the kids from EB’s attention and set EB herself into the attention system.

In decision. of the two viing theories functionalism shows in a more appropriate mode how EBs household straight influenced her positions on life. This is because utilizing functionalism ( consensus ) you can see how those who are connected to you within your household construction impact your position and mentality on life ( 14 ) . Functionalism besides explains continuity within a household construction and society ( 15 ) . There is besides clear grounds in this survey as to where EB learned the behavior and deficiency of productive societal accomplishments she displays. Functionalism besides shows where EB was failed by her household as they did non supply the “functional prerequisites” she needed to develop into a productive member of society.


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