Sociology: My Brother Essay, Research Paper

Michael Myers

Sociology 11:00 TTH

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My Brother

The societal forces of the universe today have a enormous impact on a individual & # 8217 ; s life. Social forces can do you alter the manner you think, the manner you act, and even your personality, particularly on early teens. In some instances people don & # 8217 ; t recognize it is altering them.

My brother, Beau, attends school in Shawnee, Oklahoma. He is a 4.0 award pupil and president of his category. He plays football, hoops, baseball, and wrestlings. He is & # 8220 ; Mr. Popular & # 8221 ; amongst his fellow schoolmates, but on February 5, 1999 this would all alteration.

Beau was wrestling at a tourney in Sulfur, Oklahoma on February 5, 1999. He had made it to the title lucifer subsequently that flushing. The lucifer was traveling good. Beau was in front 5 to 3 until catastrophe struck. Billy Thompson, the individual my brother was wrestling, had Beau in a headlock. Beau so put his pes behind Billy & # 8217 ; s pess in order to trip him, but Billy held on. My brother landed on the top of his caput interrupting his cervix between the first and 2nd vertebrae. Imminently he was rushed to the nearby infirmary in Sulfur. The radiotherapist said he had a strained cervix musculus and sent him place in a soft neckband brace. The following twenty-four hours Beau went to the physician in Shawnee and she imminently referred him to the brain surgeon in Oklahoma City, Dr. Hisie. Dr. Hisie found the interruption and scheduled a surgery. The surgery lasted about 4 hours. They took bone off of Beau & # 8217 ; s him and fused the vertebrae together. After 4 months in a cervix restraint, they realized that the merger did non work. They attempted the same surgery once more, but this clip seting him in a aura. After another 4 month the merger had worked

. Beau so went through 6 months of physical therapy before he was able to play athleticss once more. Altogether the procedure took approximately 2 old ages. He now is get downing pattern for the hoops squad in Shawnee.

After Beau broke his cervix, Beau got a batch of understanding for household and friends. As clip grew on, since he couldn & # 8217 ; t do anything, his friends grew apart from him. They sort of cased him aside and he was left all entirely. The one time & # 8220 ; Mr. Popular & # 8221 ; was non the individual who sat at place a grieved for himself. Society cased him out and he felt like the smallest individual on the Earth. His attitude went down the drain and he went into a province of depression. He ne’er wanted to travel outside in fright of being made merriment of. He fundamentally went into a shell and about ne’er came out. This was caused, in portion, due to American civilization. Our civilization, today, loves athleticss. The following coevals is brought up loving athleticss. Beau grew up loving wrestling cognizing the hazard and the probiblity of him, or anyone in that affair, of acquiring injured. Americans love athleticss weather its football, baseball, hockey, or any American athletics. We all know that hurts occur in athleticss, but yet we still play them due to our civilization. Once he got the aura away, he started traveling out with friends once more and holding merriment. Society had excepted him back in and he sort of got back into American civilization. Beau was really lucky that this had happened. Many people go into a province of depression and ne’er acquire out.

My brother is the most influential individual I have of all time known. His will to ne’er allow society acquire the best of him is matchless, in my head. I love my brother with all my bosom and I will ever look up to him for being so brave. One more thing I forgot to reference, My brother, Beau, is twelve old ages old.


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