The concept that emerged was called the small world phenomenon or the six degas of separation. AAA}The dysfunction of this organization is lack of communication between units. Because each unit is Just transferring and not communicating at all. B)No Piggy’s relocation Is not a bureaucracy, because It has no clear dolls of labor or hierarchic. You can see this when you look at the office and see the mess and she Just got passed around, anyone could be the manager. AAA} Workers are cut off from the fruits of there labor. B}You can start study groups to connect with others in a informal setting.

To share restoration and or give approval. C}Anomaly In a sense of enormousness and It comes from strain cased from trying to meet a goal you will never meet In society. Allentown Is you are separated for from the end result of the work you are doing AAA}The rationalization of society brought the shift to thinking behaviors went from tradition to rationality and social organizations. B}Marx thinks capitalism changes a traditional society based on trade to capitalist one base on money. Weber thinks that religion was the reason for the shift because of the protestant work ethic which viewed material successes as spiritual success. } One that could be described is differential associations, different groups we associate with we either learn to deviate or conform to that group. An example is if your friends do drugs you will probably do drugs to. B}Conflict theory states those in power try to keep power by the manipulation of laws and money. The ones in power can deviate from the law because they make the criminal Justice system which the people in power use to control the working class. C}Strain theory can be used to understand deviance by outline four deviant paths that people react to.

The stain they feel is between the goals they want and there ability to reach them in the stauncher of society they live in. The four are innovation, ritualism, retreats and rebellion AAA


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