Socrates, Life And Death Essay, Research Paper

The Life and Death of Socrates

Socrates was a Grecian Philosopher who spent most of his unrecorded searching for truth. Socrates is considered doctrine s sufferer because he was more concerned about righteous life so he was about winning statements. There are no primary beginnings of Socrates life so all information about his life and decease is based on secondary beginnings. A secondary beginning is a written history made some clip after an event has taken topographic point by a individual who was non an eyewitness. ( Leinwand 2 ) Most cognition of Socrates comes from Plato and his duologues.

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Socrates ne’er wrote anything, although his duologues can be found in Plato s many Hagiographas. Socrates would oppugn truth by oppugning, replying, and extra inquiring ( Microsoft Encarta CD-ROM ) in a dialectical mode. Meaning he would do people think about truth through a duologue and conversation instead so saying his beliefs.

Socrates was born 469 BC was the boy of a stonemason and a accoucheuse. ( Gottleib 5 ) He grew up in Athens at the tallness of its political power, when Athens was the rational centre of the Grecian World. He likely spent most of his yearss playing athleticss in the secondary school and walking the busy streets in the market place. This was an ideal rational topographic point for a immature male child to turn up into. In 431 BC the Peloponnesian war broke out. The Peloponnesian war was between the two city states, Athens and Sparta. Political life centered on the Polis Another word for the Grecian Polis is city-state. ( Leinwand 97 ) Socrates was enlisted into the ground forces and received a good name in conflict for his oblivion to injury and intimidating visual aspect when combat. After the war Socrates would non discourse the war until more of import subjects were discussed like his friends quest for truth.

In the 420s BC the Oracle of Delphi told a friend of Socrates that he was the wisest adult male in all of Athens. Rather so touting Socrates went out and questioned everyone he came upon to happen 1 who was wiser so he. He asked everyone if they knew one thing that was genuinely worthwhile in life and ne’er came up with a satisfactory reply. He came to the decision that he was the wisest adult male in all Athens.

The Sophists worked to develop carefully reasoned instances so they could win political or legal statements. ( Le

inwand 113 ) Socrates was against the Sophists because they asked for payments for others to hear their penetrations. The Sophists made Socrates a figure of ridicule and in 423 BC his activities became the topic of a celebrated drama. Written by the amusing dramatist Aristophanes, ‘The Clouds’ portrayed Socrates as a maestro of pointless pun and verbal hocus-pocus. The caput of an institute called ‘The Thinkery, ’ he literally had his caput in the clouds. ( The Greeks Socrates, PBS )

In 399 BC Socrates was put on test for impiousness and perverting the young person of Athens. He was a hapless public talker and was imprisoned. Socrates was accused of impiousness because he believed all Gods were good if they were non so they wouldn t be Gods. This was the contrary of Greek mythology. The 2nd charge was for perverting the city-state s young person. A jury found this hard to happen him guilty because they were diffident whether he should be responsible for the actions of his students. Harmonizing to Plato s Apology Socrates told the jury:

To set it bluffly I & # 8217 ; ve been assigned to this metropolis as if to a big Equus caballus which is inclined to be lazy and is in demand of some great cutting fly and all twenty-four hours long I & # 8217 ; ll

ne’er cease to settle here, there, everyplace, bestiring and admonishing every one of you. ( The Greeks Socrates, PBS )

This exasperated the jury who charged him guilty for both perverting the young person and for impiousness. When the twenty-four hours his sentencing came, alternatively of demoing compunction to decrease his sentence he told the jury he should have the highest awards of the metropolis and be awarded free repasts. Socrates was so sentenced to decease. Socrates refused attempts to be rescued because he believed all Torahs were meant to be obeyed. He met his decease by imbibing a cup of hemlock toxicant and died.

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