He has conducted more than 16 exhibitions all over the world; with popularly acclaimed paintings that are collected by art enthusiasts from every corner of the globe, his work can be appreciated from West to East. Abstract artist Mr.. SOHO Boon King is not only a Malaysian, he is a real Asian. Born in 1966, Pang, Kanata, in his youth he studied at Sorenson and Cole Nationals Superior des Beaux- Arts De Paris from 1988-1993.

He met and married his Japanese wife in Paris, then went on to living and working in Nagasaki, Japan with his wife and 2 children from 1998 until e moved back to Malaysia for his current Job as an Artist-in-Residence with Universities Malay. Mr.. SOHO is a person full of confidence as he was able to solve many difficulties in life, especially when he was struggling as an artist. One of his motivations is to read about the life and autobiographies of other famous, successful people. He has never thought about giving up despite hard times due to his strong passion towards art.

He mentioned that art has fulfilled him and he has no regrets in choosing to be an artist, even though his choice was opposed by his family, similar to many famous artists. He lives that, like in any other field, that art needs talent. Many of his works are of a large scale, some measuring up to CACM by CACM. He enjoys painting in a way that is very fluid. Additionally, he is fascinated by fluidity, things that are constantly moving, for example the sea, rivers, waterfalls, clouds and mists.

His preferred medium is diluted acrylics on canvas, a natural evolution that was necessary for him to express himself as he likes. He does not limit himself to traditional tools such as paint brushes and squeegees, which are common tools for his work. As an Artist-in-Residence with Universities Malay (JIM), Mr.. SOHO has a huge penthouse as his studio which is provided by them. It is a quiet and spacious room, enough to fit in his enormous works. With a great view and no distractions, it is a comfortable space where he can paint and gain inspiration as well.

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His Job requires him to create pieces for I-KM, as well as conducting talks, workshops and other public activities. The works he creates are given to the university. His paintings are biased to an abstract art style mainly due to calligraphy, one of his influences, which is an important art genre stemming from his Chinese cultural background. Thus, his paintings, especially the colors, are similar in style to Chinese paintings. He believes that his art is very real and close to reflecting the real world. However, he paints not from real or imaginary subjects, but from his inner feelings. To Mr..

SOHO, art is always about beauty, although the definition has changed throughout history. One of his interesting pieces from 2009 is entitled ‘Winter of Angina’. The painting is measured at CACM by CACM and painted using acrylics on canvas. Upon initial viewing, one could be attracted to the painting as it creates peaceful and harmonious feelings. As Mr.. SOHO favors the winter season, the painting’s relation to said season may appear appealing. Although he is sensitive to the cold winter and the other seasons in Japan, the atmosphere of Angina inspired him, and he has been there many times.

Thus, en naturally NAS strong telling about Angina. “Winter of Angina” has a quiet and peaceful feel. This is due to the colors used, which stand from white, blue, green and yellow. The colors used describe the air and the nature during winter in Angina and the Zen-like surroundings. Seemingly, white occupies most of the surface on the painting to represent the snow in Angina. Furthermore, the combination of the other colors convey the harmony and peaceful surroundings of Angina. Mr..

SOHO did not select the colors for any specific meaning and each viewer can get different meanings by their own feelings and experiences. The colors he selected for the painting were based on which would create the best effect to describe the atmosphere in Angina. However, Mr.. SOHO says that the employing of colors is a very complex matter and it requires knowledge and experience, so we can only theorize from our point of view. Another one of the many great works by Mr.. SOHO Boon King is “Tribute to Paul Glee”, which is measured at 130 by CACM and was made using Mr..

Josh’s preferred medium, acrylics on canvas . Mr.. SOHO mentioned that the title only came after the painting was completed, which is how he often selects titles, and is without any hidden meaning. This work is a tribute to Paul Glee due to the fact that he admires Kale’s paintings as they are full of rhythm and can be seen through the compositions of his paintings. As a child of a German music teacher and a Swiss singer, Glee is very good in music, and it certainly has a lot of influence on all his paintings. A combination of different color depths was used in Mr..

Josh’s painting as the colors were chosen based on their respective hues, tonality, transparency, color temperature, as well as their relationship. When observed thoroughly, with a variety of blue, indigo, green, yellow and white, “Tribute to Paul Glee” is in fact more colorful than “Winter of Angina’. This explains how artists have many ways of expressing themselves, like how Glee had different reactions towards different things. According to Mr.. SOHO, the light movements makes “Tribute to Paul Glee” feel soothing. It is well- lanced and has an interesting rhythm.

The visit to Mr.. SOHO Boon Kings studio is an enlightening experience. The chance to question a successful artist in person and observe his working environment allows one to learn much about him as an artist. Valuable knowledge was gained such as his influences, his Journey to becoming an artist, and his work processes. This gives insight that can rarely be gained elsewhere and increases awareness about artists and their styles. Being the Malaysian-born artist he is, he is an inspiration to all the aspiring artists out there, us being a few of those aspiring artists.


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