Topic Solicitors for poor accident victims General Purpose To Persuade Specific Purpose To persuade my audience about the need to assist accident victims who cannot afford the services of solicitors to sue for compensation. Central Idea Accident victims mostly become disabled, deformed and vulnerable, however due to the poor situation of these victims, they cannot afford services of Lawyers to sue for compensation or insurance on their behalf and today most accident victims are living without any source of livelihood. Materials Books, Journals, Internet, Blobs, Newspapers, Electronic News,

To persuade my audience that, they should be able to assist accident victims who are poor to sue for compensation. Lawyers can help accident victims to have a meaningful life after their ordeal by prosecuting to take compensations and take fees charges later, neglect of accident victims by Companies, individuals is a serious challenge in the country most these victims become disabled, deformed and vulnerable, some cannot be able work for the rest of their lives, and China do not have courts such as small claims court where complainants can sue and prosecute to claim their own compensation.

Introduction l. Accidents can come in all forms, it can occur to anyone at anytime A. Victims of accident II. How do you engage the services of a lawyer If you do not have the money after you have been disabled after the accident? A. Engaging the services of Lawyers is so expensive that not every accident victim can afford it in the Country. B. Unfortunately not all companies or individuals would Just give compensation to an accident victim without litigation. Ill. After doing extensive research, I hope to persuade each one of my audience to cake life better for them after their ordeal.

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BODY l. Accidents can be in the form of car, machines, fire, chemicals which can deform, disable victims. A. Accidents can make victims spend number of months in hospitals. B. Most victims lose their source of livelihood after a long period of hospitalizing. II. Lawyers can help these accidents victims after being neglected by the perpetrators to make life better for them. A. Above all do not look at the money aspect of the case but look at it as if you are helping a dear one in need. B. Prosecute for the victims and take your percentage of the money later.

Ill. These change can help accident victims claim compensations A. When there is a small claim courts for people who cannot afford the services of lawyers for Claim;ms. B. How many victims know about the Legal Aid system in and how effective it Conclusion l. So I urge each of you to make change to help poor vulnerable accident victims to have claims. II. Take into consideration the trauma, agony of the victims who have been abandoned after months of hospitalizing to start a new life with disability thou money.

Reference Have you ever thought of how accident can change one life and cause the person to leave with it for the rest of his or her life? Take a look at some of the people you meet every, some without legs, hand, disfigured with scars, deform and some have become disabled for the rest of their lives as a result of accident. In any case accidents are inevitable, you can stop it from happening although some are avoidable in most cases it is impossible to stop it because it is bound to happened because it is destined. All these depend on your belief, spirituality.

Accidents can occur to anyone at anyplace being it at home, offices, factories, in cars, crossing roads, farming, climbing, accidents can happen in all activities. Again accidents can be caused by cars crashes, pedestrians-motor accidents, fire outbreak both at home and at work, factory machines and many other forms of accidents that happens. Depending on how and where the accident happens to you, victims may need the services of lawyers to intervene for them to at least get something to live on. Search for expects am a victim of an accident, specifically burns at work (fire outbreak).

I had the accident together with a colleague, we were both on admission at the Karol Buy Teaching Hospital, Burns and Plastic Unit for several months in which due to the degree of accident the pains and other related issues, my colleague died after three months. As a victim I can never overlook, the pains of series of surgeries and dressing of wounds, the fear of losing a dear life, the trauma both psychologically and physically, loneliness for confiding on hospital bed without friends and the panic of watching people die in severe pains and some unpleasant attitudes from some.


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