As the Head Phlebotomist at the RD & A ; E Wonford site I oversee the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours running and supervising of 32 members of staff. 20 staff members are contracted. working between 12 and 37. 5 hours per hebdomad and the balance are bank workers working on an ad-hoc footing when required. Daily we have a lower limit of 15 phlebotomists working throughout the site. The function of the phlebotomist is chiefly to obtain blood samples from inmates and outpatients as requested by the physicians and clinical staff. To make this. petitions are placed on an order communicating system known to us as Medway. To entree Medway every phlebotomist has their ain laptop installed onto a portable streetcar which is so wheeled from ward to guard. A day-to-day lower limit of 12 laptops require a WiFi signal to run whilst the staying 3 laptops are continuously difficult wired into inactive modem ports. The section has a sum of 19 laptop bundles.

Present Situation ( Analysis of the job )

A day-to-day job confronting the Phlebotomy squad is with information engineering. This includes hardware. package and human nature. Hardware – The laptops are made up of a “package” which includes the laptop itself. the primary and secondary batteries required to enable it to last wirelessly for the 4 hr displacement worked. the little label pressmans required to publish patient identifying labels for each blood sample bottle and the coursers for both the laptop and the pressman. Each of these laptop bundles were purchased in 2011. Some constituents are now get downing to neglect owing to their age. the heavy usage they get and on occasion because they have non been treated or looked after as per the recommended providers guidelines. When one of the elements of these bundles fails it declares the whole bundle unserviceable.

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Software –

Each laptop has a lower limit of Medway and WiFi package loaded to enable the phlebotomists to transport out their work. WiFi is dependent on many lending factors to enable it to run satisfactorily. These have been confirmed by the operating systems section within the RD & A ; E and include physical obstructors. web scope and distance between devices. signal intervention and limitations. signal sharing use and burden. ill deployed aerial and the local environment ( 4Gon. 2014 ) . All of these can and make impact the public presentation of each laptop doing them to decelerate down significantly and on occasion freeze and stop working wholly. Medway is besides a really slow running programme which causes holds.

Human nature –

The venesection squad scope in age from 23 to 69. Their ability to utilize I. T equipment is huge in scope. Many of the phlebotomists has troubles deciding I. T issues that others may happen simple. for illustration changing watchwords and logging into programmes. More complex issues that a phlebotomist may see include placing a WiFi issue or why a screen has frozen and how to rectify this. A deficiency of forbearance. apprehension and assurance from the Phlebotomists is a curtailing factor as this frequently causes extra jobs when wrong icons or buttons are pressed in defeat. If a phlebotomist is unable to run every component of their laptop bundle for any of the above grounds they are so unable to go on their occupation until the job is resolved. This frequently means a individual phlebotomist will hold stopped working for around 30 proceedingss each clip a job occurs.

This hold causes an impact on their co-workers both physically and on morale. It besides has an impact on the patients who will hold a hold on holding their blood taken and tested which. in some fortunes. may intend farther processs or interventions are delayed or in exceeding fortunes. cancelled. By work outing this job the phlebotomists would be able to transport out their responsibilities with more assurance. Staff morale would be much higher as they would hold equipment tantrum for intent they could utilize without any issues. There would be no holds in patient intervention intending the flow of patient attention would be uninterrupted. There would be less clip spent reaching the I. T service desk to describe jobs which would cut down their work load. If this job is non resolved the section will hold no working I. T equipment.

Staff morale reduces which promotes defeat. struggle and illness within the squad seting force per unit area on the service we supply. The RDE Foundation Trust has created a eventuality program ( Appendix A ) which would be implemented to guarantee the service did non halt as this is non an option. Testing blood is a mandatory portion of diagnosing and intervention. The eventuality would include utilizing paper signifiers to enter blood sample petitions although this would make a important impact on the labs. doing farther holds and more staff would be required to finish the work load adding fiscal force per unit area. The procedure would besides be unfastened to patient designation mistakes doing possible fatal mistakes in diagnosing and intervention. A eventuality program is a really short term work around it is non a solution.

Probe and designation of possible solutions to the job Phlebotomists on a regular basis reach me to kick about a broad scope of IT jobs. To get down accurately placing and logging the jobs concerned I created a little questionnaire ( Appendix B ) and asked each phlebotomist to finish it with every bit much information as possible each clip a job occurred. These were completed and collected over a period of 1 month to capture as many types of jobs as possible. This information is so collated onto a spreadsheet ( Appendix C ) . From this I identified how the chief jobs are grouped into the undermentioned classs:

Hardware – Faulty pressmans

Software – Medway mistakes. Wifi mistakes. Screen mistakes. Windows security mistakes Human – Password mistakes. Generic log in mistakes. Wifi mistakes. Screen mistakes

Table 1 – Shows the types of jobs. the frequence and the class based on the information collated.

Immediately from the information gathered I can see that many jobs cross multiple classs. Out of the 19 laptops and users 47 % have experienced jobs with 26 % sing more than one job across multiple classs. There were 15 jobs identified which could hold been caused by either class. The sum of possible causes peers 27 across all classs. The highest sum of jobs are perchance caused by package issues at 44 % . human jobs follow at 33 % and hardware jobs at 22 % . On mean 47 % of laptops with jobs that have 27 possible causes a average norm of 3. 37 jobs experienced each over the 1 month period.

The mode norm of people sing the same job regardless of the cause is 2. The average norm of all jobs experienced irrespective of the cause is besides 2. Solutions to deciding these jobs would be to replace or mend bing ageing hardware and to retain a little degree of equipment points such as batteries and coursers in stock for immediate replacing. Replacing or updating bing package programmes. A solution to decide the human grouping of jobs is staff preparation.

Problems that require aid from the IT service desk will be their duty although. the generic log in job could be avoided with staff preparation. By describing these jobs to the I. T service desk we can inquire more specialized applied scientists to look into why. specifically. the WiFi on a regular basis fails. A solution to the package grouping of jobs is harder to happen as the trust has purchased package that it feels is sufficient for its intent. Staff preparation could assist with some jobs experienced in this country.

Evaluation of possible solutions

I have chosen to utilize the Benefit – Cost analysis ( CBA ) tool ( Jules Dupuit 1804-1866 ) to measure the solution options as follows:

Replace or fix bing ageing hardware and carrying replacing points
Staff morale would increase if equipment is fit for intent.

Illness absences due to emphasize would diminish salvaging money on replacing bank staff.

The section would be able to do usage of all the equipment available to them specifically during busier periods and for staff preparation.

The equipment would be safe.

Smaller faulty points could be replaced instantly keeping continuity of usage.

Delaies on taking and proving samples would cut down ensuing in few or no holds with patient treatment/procedures.

Phlebotomists would non necessitate to reach the I. T service desk as frequently so cut downing their work load.

Eventuality program would non necessitate to be implemented redemptive clip. money. staff emphasis and intervention holds. Sickness absences have fiscal and wellness deductions to other phlebotomists and the section.

The section has a sum of 19 laptop bundles. The fiscal cost to replace all the equipment would run into 1000s of lbs which we do non hold the budget for. The I. T service desk applied scientists are non ever able to decide jobs instantly and can sometimes take several hebdomads owing to their work loads.

Suppliers are non ever able to supply replacing equipment.

If we retain a little figure of replacing points it would be the duty of the Head Phlebotomist to place which point is defective and if it could be repaired foremost adding to their work load.

Lack of infinite to hive away extra replacing equipment.

Replacing or updating bing package programmes
Staff morale would increase if package is fit for intent.
Assurance would increase hiking involvement and competency.

Illness absences due to emphasize would diminish salvaging money on replacing bank staff.

Delaies on taking and proving samples would cut down ensuing in few or no holds with patient treatment/procedures.

Phlebotomists would non necessitate to reach the I. T service desk as frequently cut downing their work load.

Eventuality program would non necessitate to be implemented redemptive clip. money. staff emphasis and intervention holds. Sickness absences have fiscal and wellness deductions to other phlebotomists and the section.

The I. T service desk applied scientists are non ever able to decide jobs instantly and can sometimes take several hebdomads owing to their work loads.

Software programmes are purchased by the trust and can non be replaced easy. WiFi is implemented through the whole trust and is so widespread it’s non easy to place where the job may hold started.

Time and support is required to enable the systems squads to place what country of package is doing the job and decide it.

Break to guard countries whilst probes are carried out.

Staff Training
Phlebotomists would be more confident in placing jobs and deciding them bettering competency. involvement and morale and cut downing sickness absences.

The holds in clip taken deciding jobs would cut down doing phlebotomists more efficient and cost effectual.

Phlebotomists would non necessitate to reach the I. T service desk as frequently cut downing their work load.

Delaies on taking and proving samples would cut down ensuing in few or no
holds with patient treatment/procedures. Time needed off from normal responsibilities to go to preparation for trainers and trainees.

Reducing the assurance of some phlebotomists who aren’t computing machine literate and may experience pressured into go toing developing above their ability.

Some jobs are fickle and go on infrequently intending phlebotomists are likely to bury how to decide them.

Overall. the overpowering benefit in happening a solution is to guarantee there is minimum or no hold in the intervention of a patient. Using the cost/benefit analysis ( CBA ) I feel the first class of action to deciding this job would be to implement staff preparation. Although the benefits merely merely out manner the costs 4 to 3 my ground for this is that we would see faster consequences as it could be implemented instantly with less personal and fiscal cost than replacing or mending bing hardware or package as detailed in the CBA. There would be regular clip needed off from normal responsibilities. possibly up to 1 hr per month per phlebotomist and trainer. This could be incorporated into their regular hours at quieter times or bank staff could be used to cover the minimal clip demand. Although it is hard to cipher an exact fiscal cost salvaging I believe that it is just to presume that every bit less people and equipment would be involved in implementing staff developing the fiscal load would besides be less.

Besides. as detailed in the CBA. phlebotomists would be more confident in placing jobs and could go more competent and interested in deciding them themselves. This would intend an immediate declaration in some fortunes cut downing clip wasted particularly when reaching the I. T service desk. Second I would look at replacing or updating bing hardware and carrying replacing points. Although in the CBA the benefits out manner the costs 8 to 6 the benefits are expensive. Stocking replacement points such as batteries and coursers is about an indispensable although each battery is in surplus of ?90 and each courser up to ?60. I believe it would be sensible to merely stock a twosome of each at a clip. This would enable any of the more easy replaceable faulty points identified to be replaced instantly without farther holds.

The more complex laptop mistakes would still necessitate to be directed to the I. T service desk. These will take longer to decide and would affect input from an I. T applied scientist. I can see from appendix degree Celsius that some mistakes are still ongoing from before October 2014 when the information in the spreadsheet was collated. Finally in deciding this job I would look at replacing or updating bing package programmes. The CBA shows the benefits are equal to the costs. The ground I have put this last is chiefly because the determination environing the purchase of package is made at a much higher direction degree. Because of this I have no influence over its capableness nor do I have the power or expertness to urge an option.

Although issues sing jobs or mistakes within a package programme are encouraged to be reported it is much more likely that the programme will non be replaced for some clip owing to contracts and holes are merely possible if the provider is able to make so. We can log all software/WiFi jobs to the I. T service desk. I believe these calls are so passed to the systems support squad for deciding either themselves or via an external beginning. Software programmes are dearly-won and. I believe. frequently purchased with a minimal contract term doing them the most hard and expensive thing to replace or update when looking at deciding my job.

Recommend execution program to work out the job

The followers is a tabular array of events detailing what needs to be done. It plans how determinations will be communicated. by whom and by when. This helps to place the order in which stairss need to be taken to decide issues and clip frames to guarantee efficiency.

What has to be done?
Who is responsible and/or involved?
How will this be communicated?
When should it be done?
What is needed?

Discuss the demands of the phlebotomy service with I. T and explicate the importance of rapid declarations. Head phlebotomist. Phlebotomy director. I. T help desk director. service applied scientists Head phlebotomist to set up and chair a meeting with I. T with clear outlooks of what is required. By the 18th
November 2014.

All involved to go to the meeting. Minutess to be taken. Head phlebotomist to set up a follow up run intoing 1 month subsequently to reexamine if outlooks have been acknowledged and in advancement. Order a lower limit of 2 of each laptop and pressman batteries and coursers for stock. Head phlebotomist to acquire mandate and budget codification from Phlebotomy director Head phlebotomist to e-mail I. T with relevant information.

Budget codification for support. Approximately ?420. 00

Head phlebotomist to e-mail I. T on 18. 11. 14 if these points have non arrived and confirm bringing day of the month. Delivery expected by 30. 11. 14 Discuss ongoing issues and pass on result of I. T meeting to the venesection squad. Head phlebotomist. Phlebotomists and Phlebotomy director

Head phlebotomist to set up and chair a section meeting. Immediately after the I. T meeting has been completed. End of a forenoon displacement 11. 30am All phlebotomists working that twenty-four hours to be present. Minutess to be taken. Overtime may necessitate to be paid if meeting goes beyond contracted hours at 12pm Deputy caput phlebotomists to look into that the proceedingss have been signed off by all phlebotomists within 1 hebdomad of the section meeting. All on-going issues to go on to be logged.

Questionnaires ( appendix B ) to be completed day-to-day

Deputy caput phlebotomist to keep a good supply of questionnaires. Time within displacement to finish them. Head phlebotomist to reexamine these day-to-day and study to I. T service desk instantly if unable to decide. All jobs identified to be logged by Head even if resolved. Phlebotomists. Head phlebotomist. I. T applied scientists

I. T service desk signifier on intranet to be completed by Head phlebotomist or telephone I. T service desk if pressing.

As and when issues occur
Time. If resolved by Head phlebotomist so explanation/training given to phlebotomist to demo how. If resolved by applied scientist so account of how to see if Head could decide in future. Daily conversation and electronic mail between phlebotomist. Head phlebotomist and applied scientist to guarantee job for good resolved or in the procedure of being resolved. Regular monthly preparation with phlebotomists on how to look after equipment and easy stairss on identifying and perchance deciding moderately simple issues.

Head phlebotomist. phlebotomists. I. T applied scientists

Head phlebotomist to set up and chair a squad meeting to discourse demands and place any one to one preparation. 3rd Wednesday forenoon of each month before start of displacement at 7. 50am. Time to finish the meeting and any preparation required. Head and deputy caput phlebotomist to be competent and confident in I. T to reply inquiries and aid with preparation. Head and deputy caput phlebotomists to intercede with any squad member that had inquiries or needed preparation within 2 yearss of the meeting to guarantee phlebotomist is now confident and understands how to decide some issues.

Regular feedback to relevant countries sing result of each phase above Phlebotomists. Head. venesection director. I. T applied scientists. systems applied scientists. undertaking directors Head phlebotomist to e-mail venesection director. I. T and systems applied scientists with clear concerns or positives. 5. 3. 15. 5. 7. 15. 5. 11. 15 ( quarterly ) or more frequently if jobs persist. Time to build the electronic mail. Contact inside informations for each individual. Relevant constructive feedback including any positive information. Head to guarantee electronic mail has been received by bespeaking read reception and that any actions required from old quarterly electronic mail have been completed or in advancement. Any new actions must besides be acknowledged.

I have besides transferred the above information on to a Gantt chart to assist proctor and reexamine my execution program. This is because the relation of undertaking to clip is more instantly obvious and really simple to follow.

There are ways in which this can be reviewed utilizing the CPA ( Critical attention way analysis ) or PERT ( Program rating and reappraisal technique ) . The benefit of utilizing CPA within the planning procedure is to assist you develop and prove your program to guarantee that it is robust. CPA officially identifies undertakings which must be completed on clip for the whole undertaking to be completed on clip. It besides identifies which undertakings can be delayed if resource demands to be reallocated to catch up on missed or infesting undertakings. PERT is a fluctuation on Critical Path Analysis that takes a somewhat more realistic position of clip estimations made for each undertaking phase. Often undertakings are given unreasonable clip frames and this option allows flexibleness ( Mindtools. 2014 ) . Monitoring and reexamine techniques that are appropriate for my job include meetings and questionnaires.

Team meetings held monthly within the venesection section wll guarantee that each member of staff remains confident and competent in their function to help in deciding the jobs that we all experience. Staff will be able to inquire inquiries sing their concerns and abilities and the caput and deputy phlebotomists will be able to place specific demands that they can assist to construct up. It should be easy to place phlebotomists who are fighting with their jobs if they are sing the same issues on a regular basis nevertheless with monthly support these should diminish. Department meetings held with the I. T service desk and applied scientists every one-fourth will guarantee they are cognizant of the significance of the job and the demand for it to be resolved every bit expeditiously as possible.

I. T will be made cognizant of the impact of the job if there are holds in deciding the job for illustration finally the hold in patient diagnosing. intervention or discharge place. I. T will besides hold the chance to rede if the sum of calls made to them by phlebotomists has reduced. They will be able to explicate the advancement in deciding a job and why there may be holds or returns.

They can besides rede of expected day of the months and times of declarations. Questionnaires ( appendix B ) completed day-to-day detailing jobs would besides be a good manner of monitoring and reexamining the job. I would imagine in 2 months the jobs detailed on the questionnaires should go less frequent and terrible realistically cut downing to jobs merely fixable by I. T applied scientists. Phlebotomists will be able to explicate what has happened. if they have tried to decide it utilizing techniques they have gained in their preparation and grounds why they may hold or hold non worked.


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