Some of the
major reason why internet marketers are embracing affiliate marketing every day
is because of the potential affiliate marketing has of being able to make you
millions of Naira without you creating a product, writing of content, building
sales pages etc.

Despite the
fact that more marketers are embracing affiliate marketing daily, a report revealed
that, 10% of affiliate marketers makes 90% of all the money.

The goal of
this article is to point out to you what those 10 percent are doing so that you
can join the league.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing
is the process of searching for valuable products, creating a relationship with
the seller/vendor and spreading the gospel about the product to the world in
return for commission.

Put in a simpler
term, “Mr. A” sells eBooks, you recommend the eBooks to “Mr. B” and “Mr. A”
pays you commission for helping him to make a sale.

1.    Promote Products you have tested

It is always
easier to promote a product that you have tested and trusted. You will be more
passionate with your promotions because you genuinely trust what you are
promoting. Promoting what you have not tested makes your subscribers loose
trust in you. Once that trust is gone, you will be sent crumbling as your
subscribers will no longer buy anything you promote. Most world class affiliate
marketers’ makes about 2 different sales to each of their subscribers annually.
It takes a lot of trust to get them to buy again and again.

Create A List

In affiliate
marketing, a list is extremely important. Most people limit the concept of a
list to email list. A list in this concept is a bunch of subscribers that you
can always get across to. They can be your YouTube subscribers, facebook fans,
twitter followers, email subscribers etc. this are all set of people that can
easily get your publications. Ensure that you build a list.

Provide Value:

Once you
have gotten your list, you must provide value to the subscribers. It is like a
goldmine where you go to get value from time to time. Remember that before gold
can come out of the mine, a lot of value must have gone into the mine. Time have
been spent on research, monetary value went into the mine in form of resources
and mining tools. So also is it with your subscribers’ list. You must spend
time and energy to create it, give value to the subscribers and then get value
in return. Remember the old popular saying that says “value begets value.”

Keep Learning:

In the field
of technology, lag time is about a period of 18months. A lag time is a period
between the inception of an idea and the time of its adoption. E.g., today,
apple Inc. thought that IPhones should now have batteries that are made from
water, it will take about 18 months to get that product to the market. The time
between the conceiving of the idea and the time it was put to general usage is
lag time.

In the field
of affiliate marketing the lag time might just be a period of a month, I say so
because on daily basis you will keep seeing newer strategies. This simple means
that, in order to remain relevant, you must keep on learning and updating your
strategies continuously.

Be Specific:

Most new
affiliates go into affiliate marketing without being specific of the Niche they
want to go into. A new affiliate marketer might choose wealth as a niche,
wealth is too broad to be your Niche bro. Wealth entails: real estate, forex
trading, freelancing, internet marketing, ecommerce, affiliate marketing etc.
the outcome is that this will bring more traffic that will leave instantly their
by increasing the bounce rate of your website. A person might visit your
website with a hope to find information about affiliate marketing only to find
out that it’s about forex trading. You must be specific to be able to drive in
highly targeted traffic.

Consistently Expand your Reach

Remember that,
the larger your quality list, the better it is. Whatever platform you are
using, you must continuously expand your subscribers’ base, add value to the
current subscribers and expand to new platforms that you do not currently use. I
mean if you only use facebook currently, you can expand to twitter, Google plus,
instagram etc.

In Conclusion

marketing is very profitable; lately, more and more Nigerians are seeing the
gold that lies in affiliate marketing. But the truth remains that, in other for
you to succeed in affiliate marketing, you must learn a strategy that is
already working for an expert and adapt that strategy.


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