In “Some Like It Hot” by Lawrence Lessig. he talks about buccaneering and what buccaneering is. It talks about the different types of points that people use buccaneering for. Piracy is when person makes their ain transcript of a merchandise that has its ain right of first publication. I think that buccaneering is incorrect for a many grounds. Including: it brings down the economic system. the creative persons that create the piece are non acquiring paid for it. and buccaneering is besides considered larceny.

First. I am traveling to discourse how buccaneering brings down the economic system. Right now. many people are guilty of buccaneering all over the universe. These people are downloading and trading merchandises for their personal usage through the cyberspace. Not paying for package is aching the concern of creative persons really dramatically. Peoples who break copyright Torahs might non understand how bad they are aching the industry. Artists are passing 1000000s of dollars on right of first publication protection but they continue to acquire broken due to people going hackers. Businesss spend more money that they do non hold. Because there is a deficiency of financess. really few people are hired. If people keep utilizing buccaneering alternatively of purchasing the merchandises. companies have less money and in bend. they can non do any more merchandises for people to purchase. Many people would be really disquieted if a merchandise that was coming out could non be made because the company did non hold the financess to bring forth it because people are non purchasing their other merchandises.

Another ground that I am traveling to discourse is that the stars that made the piece are non acquiring paid for it. I believe that whoever has made the merchandise should be able to acquire paid for it. If we go to work and anticipate to acquire paid for it so the stars that work to do merchandises anticipate to acquire paid for what they do for a life. ” In 1909. Congress closed a spread in favour of the composer and the recording creative person. amending copyright jurisprudence to do certain that composer would be paid for “mechanical reproductions” of their music” ( Lessig 89 ) . If I were an creative person. I would trust that people would travel and purchase my merchandise so I could acquire paid. Artists do non lose out when you buy a merchandise and do a transcript for a friend. but with file sharing. you can pretty much give the same Cadmium to 1000000s of people. No 1 pays for it and the star and/or right of first publication proprietor does non acquire paid.

The concluding ground that I feel buccaneering is incorrect is that it is the same thing as stealing. Many people try to warrant and believe that pirating merchandises illicitly no different than pocketing a Cadmium at the local shop. except the technique they used to steal it. We teach our childs that it is incorrect to steal merchandises from the shop. copying another student’s prep or trial. or take a Cadmium from a shop. But. the fact that people. for the most portion. hold that stealing is immoral ; many people do non understand the ethical issues connected with buccaneering without stars consent. Some people think that illegal downloading merchandises off the Internet is the same as firing a transcript of it for a friend. but it’s non comparable. A ground it is different is because of the mass audience that a merchandise can be shared with over the Internet. Some people think that it is easier to perpetrate buccaneering with no scruples. because they do non hold to confront the individual they are taking from. Or is it because there is no fright that person will see them perpetrate the act? If the same offense was committed in a shop. they would non steal with such a comfort degree.

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Piracy will go on to be a job until those people who steal merchandises recognize that merely because something can be retrieved illicitly without jobs or acquiring into problem does non do it ethical or right. Merely because we “can” does it intend we “should” ? No. we shouldn’t. Piracy is ethically and morally incorrect. I think that a good solution to this job would be bear downing an utmost monetary value on all web sites that allow buccaneering or somehow start tracking who goes on those sites and get down penalizing them someway. These might be the lone manner to assist creative persons maintain earing their money so in bend. they will maintain bring forthing the merchandises that we like to utilize.

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