In “Some Moral Minima. ” Lenn Goodman argues that there are certain things that are merely incorrect. Do you believe Goodman is right? Using specific illustrations. research the challenges Goodman presents to relativism. Determine whether you think there are such cosmopolitan moral demands. and support your reply in a well-argued three-page paper. Your paper must be formatted harmonizing to APA ( 6th edition ) manner. You don’t necessitate any beginnings other than the Goodman paper and the text for our class.

However. you must mention all your mentions decently. If you would wish to mention to APA samples and tutorials. see the Ashford Writing Center. within the Learning Resources check in the left pilotage saloon. in your on-line class. Some Moral Minna By Lenn Goodman The Morally Right In “Some Moral Minima” I believe Lenn Goodman is right when he says certain things are merely incorrect. I agree with Goodman on the issues he discusses such as bondage. race murder. terrorist act. slaying. colza. polygamy. and incest.

I agree with Goodman on these issues because there is ne’er a good clip to kill for the interest of killing. colza for the interest of sex. or take 1s rights off for the interest of deriving regard or wealth. Goodman fundamentally discusses that every individual whether it be adult male. adult female. or kid has the rights to populate and be free from any and all inhumane intervention. Goodman’s chief apprehension is non to be speedy on judging things we don’t understand. but to judge those things that are non morally right.

I believe that all people are equal and have the right to populate their ain life as do the lawbreakers should hold no rights to perpetrate these boisterous Acts of the Apostless of incorrect. Who are we to judge anyone or why should others have the right to slay. colza. or rend the rights of people off from them? The bible provinces. “Do unto others as you would hold others do unto you” ( Matthew. 7:12. Standard Version ) . I believe this is the best manner to look at the state of affairs on any of the issues that Goodman discusses.

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We should ne’er judge anyone due to their sexual orientation. physical/mental handicapness. or any other characteristic in which they have no control over. such as the hapless and the wealthy. Goodman discusses bondage as a act of incorrect in the article and I truly agree with his positions on this issue. In the past some of our sires thought of bondage as a racially ethical right. Today in our society there are still some of the older coevals that still look down upon the African American population merely because of the colour of their tegument.


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