Song Of Solomn Essay, Research Paper

Guitar loves his race and will make anything for it. He wants to maintain the figure of black and white people equal so that the Whites do non go the dominant race. Guitar wants the inkinesss to hold the ability to accomplish a better life. But his love and efforts to continue and progress his race really turn him against himself and his race.

It was in Tommy s Barbershop when Guitar foremost lets out his fury towards the Whites. A child is stomped and you standin round fussin about whether some cracker put it in the paper. He stomped, ain t he? Dead, own T he? He could non believe that a black male child was stomped to decease merely for whistling at a white miss. Guitar is ill and tired of hearing about inkinesss being murdered by Whites. Guitar wants something to be done besides complaining. He does non desire to sit around and see his race get murdered to extinction.

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It has been brought to Milkman s attending that Guitar has been around Empire State, a known trouble maker, so he confronts Guitar. Guitar has become of member of the Seven Days with purposes of contending for his race. Guitar provinces, I had to make something. And the lone thing left to make is equilibrate it ; maintain things on an even keel. A murdered white individual for each murdered black individual is far from work outing any jobs, allow entirely progressing a race. Milkman objects to Guitars engagement in the Seven Days but Guitar believes this is a manner of making something. Murder can non progress a race and is non the reply that Guitar needs but he believes this is the lone manner to contend the Whites. Guitar even says, Not people, white people, tungsten

hile mentioning to whom he is traveling to kill, as if he considers Whites and black two sorts of existences.

Guitar clearly says to Milkman, We don t off Negroes, but it is difficult to believe him. If Guitar and the Seven Days can physically kill a white individual than where would their job be in physically killing a black individual. Both Milkman and Guitar end this scene stating they are scared for each other. When Milkman receives the message of the Seven Days from the gross revenues clerk down South it becomes obvious that Guitar is seeking to kill him. Guitar attempts to strangulate Milkman to decease while he is out runing. Milkman struggled for his freedom, Guitar is non able to kill him but it is clear that Guitar is no longer contending for his race. His original purposes have turned him into a rock cold slayer. Guitar said he himself that they don t kill black people but Milkman is decidedly a black individual.

Throughout Song of Solomon Milkman represents the promotion of the black race as he dives into his household s yesteryear. He is seeking to do a better life for himself and the 1s around him. This is what Guitar was seeking to make to but he took a different way than Milkman. His way led him to a life of slaying, and while in the beginning it was slightly justified, in the terminal it was a manslaughter. Guitar shots Pilate and we are left to presume that he besides shots Milkman but non without Milkman allowing out a explosion of glorification. Guitar ever wanted something to be done about the murdering of inkinesss. He was out to halt the murdering of inkinesss and with the hope of progressing his race. But in the terminal Guitar turns against himself and his race.


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