South African Economy Essay, Research Paper

Crime is a immense subject in South Africa. There is a high offense rate happening in the streets of the state. Statisticss show that every 17 seconds a serious offense is committed, a slaying occurs every half hr, and an assault or colza every three proceedingss. Blacks are the victims of most robberies and auto jackings, but the Whites are the 1s protesting most. The streets of South Africa have besides been a serious job for the constabulary. More than 1000 police officers have been killed on responsibility in the past five old ages. Policeman all besides understaged, underpaid and undersupplied.

AIDS is a new disease that has spread into South Africa really rapidly. The section of wellness estimations at least 20 % of the work force will be infected by the AIDS virus following twelvemonth. Over the following three old ages, it is estimated that a sum of 250 000 will decease and 600 000 orphans infected with the AIDS virus every bit good will be left behind. Surveies besides indicate that by the old ages 2005-2100, there will be six million people infected with full blow AIDS.

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Unemployment in South Africa is besides a great job bing today. Statisticss indicate that about 42 per centum of black grownups are unemployed as opposed to 4 per centum of the white population. There is a plan called GEAR aimed at making a million occupations by following twelvemonth, but the coutry is losing occupations ; about 100, 000 are being lost a twelvemonth. Though there are plentifulness of occupations for skilled inkinesss, it is the unskilled who are acquiring the low terminal of the deal. In an attempt to cut unemployment rates, plans have been established to enroll unskilled people and develop them for occupations.

The information in this article has provided the chief jobs that plague South Africa.

With statistics to back the statements, the article is easy to read and very informational. The problems existing in South Africa today are quite similar to the ones we face in our society. For example, unemployment has been a main focus for state and national leaders. They have mandated for programs such as Welfare To Work where they train and prepare unemployed people to meet the demands to acquire and maintain a job. In addition, violence is also a very big problem that exists in our very own city. The shootings and robberies that occur almost daily has signaled for special programs set out for youths to find alternative ways of having fun away from the streets. The AIDS epidemic has also been a problem. The rate of AIDS spreading has steadied; it still poses a threat to everyone. This problem also hits very close to home in a big way. For example, there have been cases where the AIDS virus has been contracted through premeditated injections. During parties or raves, there are groups of people who go around stabbing people with needles to make sure they inject infectious blood. Violence against officers has also been a serious problem. There are many cases that have been televised and written about officers being shot and killed by merciless criminals. Shootings against officers in Los Angles and the Detroit area have been highlighted by the media. Sanctions have been made to protect officers. For example, they have tried to make sure there are paired officers in one vehicle while patrolling. This insures safety and extra assistance to dangerous situations. Both the United States and South Africa share problems that the people must worry about. But through statistics, it is evident that South Africa s violence problems have been of greater effect.


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