South Sudan
is a new nation and thus is suffering from many growing pains. The current
civil war is proving to be a major difficulty. There are continuing disputes
regarding the border between Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan. The main
areas under conflict are Darfur, Abyei, and the two areas of South Kordofan and
Blue Nile. All this has also led to a famine in many parts of South Sudan while
other are under a risk of famine. The nation of Belarus identifies the problems
of the newest nation of the world as requiring immediate response by the
United Nations and the international community.


under The United Nations Mission in South
Sudan (UNMISS) More than 14,000 peacekeepers, police, security and civilian
personnel from at least 60 different countries work to deter violence against
civilians by providing a safe and secure environment for South Sudanese people
who have fled violence and sought sanctuary at Protection of Civilian sites
across the country. The Mission protects, monitors, investigates, and reports
on human rights violations and abuses with a strong focus on the most
vulnerable, such as women and children and those who are subjected to sexual
and gender-based violence. The guns must be silenced so that genuine dialogue
and reconciliation can take place and enduring peace be achieved for the people
of this country.1

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The stated UNMISS Mandate2 includes:

Support for peace
consolidation and thereby fostering longer-term statebuilding and economic

Support the Government
of the Republic of South Sudan in exercising its responsibilities for conflict
prevention, mitigation and resolution and protect civilians

Support the government
of the Republic of South Sudan in developing its capacity to provide security,
to establish rule of law, and to strengthen the security and justice sectors.

Safe delivery of humanitarian assistance, such as food, clean
water, shelter and healthcare, to the millions of displaced people



Belarus has itself been a witness to similar situations since its
creation. Thus, it is in a position to fully understand the status of South
Sudan. South Sudan needs those leaders who do not use war as a solution otherwise
it may self-destruct because of its own leadership.

In addition to the UNMISS, The government needs to be guided until it
can fully function on its own. The United States, or any other credible
government must intervene and help.

If successful
governments send an official as a mediator between the opposites in South
Sudan, there could be peace. some things have to be set in place. There must be
specific regulations for smooth processing. Any person disrupting the
peacemaking process must be punished, staunched or impeached.

will and trust should be induced among the warring factions so that all the
earlier agreements of reconciliation can be peacefully and successfully

an advocate with financial experience must be provided so that they can be
helped in organizing the government’s money. Appropriation of oil revenue in
decent manner can lead to this country with a more solid foundation. Close
monitoring is required until they understand how crucial it is to use money

Another way
to end the civil war is economic sanctions. If there is a stop on trading of
materials like food, oil and other required materials with this country, there
shall be a realization that shall make the country united to bring about
economic stability to prevent their economy from falling apart.

For the
border dispute, referendums must be held as early as possible in the disputed
areas. Also, there should be a creation of awareness of the benefits of
democracy among the masses of South Sudan.With constant supervision and
representatives, South Sudan will be able to workout their problems.

Hereby, Belarus supports all efforts to build a
sovereign, independent South Sudan with a socially oriented economy.  Belarus
advocates peaceful settlement of the crisis in South Sudan. It is utmost important
to draw lessons from history.






2 UNMISS Mandate –
United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan


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