1. Coffee Beans are crushed into little pieces. H2O is added to it and the mixture is heated over a fire. What do you believe would go on to the java beans as it interacts with the H2O? Explain your anticipation I think the warming of the H2O and java beans would do the H2O to turn a light brown colour because this procedure is most likely taking some sort of extra substance from the surface of the java beans. This happens because of the lifting temperature o the mixture being heated over a fire.

2. What would go on to the H2O if alternatively of java beans. strips o seaweed were used? Explain your anticipation. I think that alternatively of the liquid turning a light brown colour. it would turn to a light green or light xanthous colour because the warming is taking a different substance off of the surface of the seaweed than it is from the surface of the java beans.

3. Specify the undermentioned footings:

Decant – to pull off ( a liquid ) without upseting the deposit or the lower liquid beds Filtrate – fluid that has passed through a filter
Extract – the portion of a complex organic stuff that is soluble in quintessence and consists chiefly of fats and fatty acids Precipitate – a substance separated from a solution or suspension by chemical or physical alteration normally as an indissoluble formless or crystalline solid Tincture – a solution of a medicative substance in an alcoholic solvent Observations:

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Dried Seaweed in ? pieces ( Laminara Kelp ) Bunsen Burner
150 ml beakerMedium Ringing for Ringstand
Weight scaleMatches
Distilled waterWire gauze
50 milliliter cylinderEvaporating dish
FunnelFilter Paper
RingstandWash Bottle
Glass stirring rodTincture of Iodine
Mineral OilSilver Nitrate
Iodine CrystalsSmall Test tubing

The first thing we had to make was make full a 150 milliliter beaker with 6 gms of dried seaweed. which we had to come close on a weight graduated table. The sum of seaweed we used approximated 6. 02 gms. Then. we included some distilled H2O and stirred the mixture with a stirring rod until the H2O turned a dirty xanthous colour. We so poured out merely the H2O from the beaker and refilled it with distilled H2O. Then. we had to put up the Bunsen burner to a smaller fire to heat the mixture gently. While heating. the H2O in the mixture turned a dark green. We heated the mixture for about 5 proceedingss. Then. we had to filter the mixture.

We placed a piece of filter paper onto the interior of the funnel. holding it stick to the side by force outing some H2O from the wash bottle. We set this up over an evaporating dish. in which the filtrate is supposed to fall into. Our filtrate came out to be 3ml. and the colour was a pale yellow-green. We put this into a 50 milliliter beaker and placed three pieces of I crystals in. We crushed these crystals in with the mixture with a stirring rod. Then. it was clip to prove the consequences.

In three trial tubings. we poured in one tierce of our home-made mixture in each trial tubing. In another three trial tubings. we poured in the standard Tincture of Iodine. which contains I. iodide ion. and triiodide ion. To prove for I. we placed 20 beads of mineral oil in one of the trial tubing of standard tincture and we besides placed 20 beads into our homemade tincture. If there is in fact I. the mixture should alter into a pink or violet colour. To prove for iodide ion. we placed 20 beads of 0. 1 Ag nitrate into the standard tincture and 20 beads of 0. 1 Ag nitrate into our homemade tincture. If there is in fact iodide ion. the mixture should go a really dazed picket xanthous colour. The trial for triiodide was a ocular review. In proceedingss. if the mixture will turn into a brown colour. so triiodide exists in the mixture.

Tabulated Consequences:
Trial for. .
Standard Tincture of Iodine
Homemade Tincture
Iodide ion

Focus Questions
1. How can I do a pharmaceutical merchandise from seaweed?
We can bring forth a pharmaceutical merchandise from seaweed by making a mixture with seaweed in H2O. heating the infusion from the mixture of seaweed and H2O. so eventually pull outing the merchandise from the H2O. 2. Can a individual substance be isolated from a mixture ( i. e. seaweed ) ? What is that substance? Yes. by the procedure o extraction. filtration. and vaporization. The substance is tincture of iodide. used to clean and infect lesions. Confidence Report

I am confident that the informations collected in this lab is “good data” . This was rather a simple lab with non many stairss and no complex stuff samples and few containers required. Because this lab was non really complex. that means there is a really low possibility of errors. It besides means there is a really low possibility of outside elements impacting the equipment. Samples: We believe that the samples provided by the research lab such as the seaweed. I. Ag nitrate. and mineral oil were clean and untasted.

We observed the features of the mixture we prepared and observed through testing and concurred that nil indicated that bad samples were provided. Our proving samples besides provided us proper chemical interactions. Measurements: All measurings were made certain by everyone in the group. This helped to guarantee truth. Observations: Since we besides tested control substances along with proving our mixture. we were able to detect what the proper consequences should look like. Therefore. there should be no errors from the observations from proving our homemade mixture. After reexamining at the possible possible countries for mistake. I am confident that we had good informations and produced good consequences.


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