Selling is a critical portion of any concern and is an built-in constituent of selling any merchandise. Whether the concern is a little ma and dad operation or a universe leader. selling is a portion of the concern. Because there are many ways to carry through the demands of the client. a straight-forward attack is to see the four “Ps” of the selling mix. This paper will analyze the selling mix and give illustrations of the selling mix as it pertains to Southwest Airlines.

The four elements of the selling mix are merchandise. topographic point. publicity and monetary value. Merchandise is the good or service sold to fulfill a customer’s needs. Topographic point involves all of the determinations required to do the merchandise or service available in the mark market. or clients. topographic point. Promotion is the procedure of informing the mark market of the merchandise. Finally. the 4th component of the selling mix is monetary value. Price puting includes constituents such as analysis of monetary value scene by the competition every bit good as analysis sing credence or rejection of monetary values by the identified market ( McCarthy and Perreault. 2002. pp. 48 – 50 ) .

The United States air hose industry is really competitory. Following the onslaughts on September 11th. there have been several air hoses that have gone out of concern or hold filed bankruptcy. Southwest Airlines has been able to remain in concern and out of bankruptcy. “Southwest Airlines is the lone major air hose to be profitable for the past 20 years” ( McCarthy and Perreault. 2004. p. 7 ) . This is in portion to their selling section. Southwest Airlines is an air hose with a originative selling section.

The air hose industry in the United States has seen many alterations of the old ages. In the early yearss of air travel. merely the wealthy could afford to wing. Flying to a finish was a luxury and non a portion of mundane life. Today there is a broad assortment of air hoses and entreaties to a broad assortment of consumers. Southwest Airlines distinguishes its merchandises and services from the competition through its selling runs. The Dallas-based air hose carved its niche in short-haul flights with low monetary values. dependable service. and a healthy sense of wit ( Armstrong. G & A ; Kotler. P. . 2005. p. 318 ) . This wit is a major subject in the selling run. Southwest distinguishes itself as a “fun” air hose. known for humourous in-flight commentary from pilots and cabin crew members ( Armstrong. G & A ; Kotler. P. . 2005. p. 318 ) .

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Southwest has brought the topographic point facet of the selling mix to all consumers. The topographic point facet of the selling mix is where and when to present the merchandise. Southwest Airlines uses assorted avenues for this. One country is supplying an 800 figure for the consumer to look into pricing and handiness. Another avenue used is the cyberspace. Southwest Airlines has won several awards for their cyberspace site. The cyberspace site allows the consumer to see Southwest from anyplace there is an internet connexion. So. if you are at the library. office. cyberspace cafe . or on a portable device such as a Blackberry. Southwest is at that place.

Southwest has become known as a low cost air hose. Through research. Southwest found there is a demand for a low cost. no frills air hose. Price was of import to the consumer when taking an air hose. A canvass taken by Airliners. net surveyed. 31 % ranked ticket cost as the most of import factor when taking an air hose ( Airliners. 2006 ) .

For the monetary value component of the selling mix to work. Southwest streamlined its operations. By take downing their costs. Southwest can offer lower menus than their competition. For illustration. Southwest used one type of aircraft. Boeing 737s. all equipped with the same flight instruments. By making so. Southwest saves clip and money in developing their employees on merely one type of equipment. “Management can replace aircraft. reschedule flight crews. or reassign mechanics rapidly. The maneuver besides saves money through lower spare-parts stock lists and better trades when geting new planes” ( Kotler & A ; Keller. 2006. p. 427 ) .

The concluding Phosphorus of the selling mix is publicity. Southwest promotes its services is a assortment of methods. Television commercials air during extremely viewed hours such as featuring events or popular telecasting shows. These commercials normally have a humourous tone every bit good as information on the latest particular. Southwest latest selling tool is named “Ding” . Ding is a computing machine plan which allows the consumer to be notified of specials. Presentments of the specials occur at assorted times of the twenty-four hours and may happen multiple times per twenty-four hours. The icon for this is a tail of a Southwest plane and appears in the system tray ( lower right manus corner of a computing machine screen ) .

When the specials arrive the icon alterations to a piece of mail over the tail subdivision of the plane and a sound occurs. The sound is the “Ding” tone heard in the Southwest telecasting commercials and in the cabin of the aeroplane. The consumer can snap on the icon to establish the package. The screen appears with the inside informations of the latest particular. These specials are market specific and are focused on clip handiness. The public dealingss for Southwest speak to the character of the company. Southwest patrons assorted charitable events and the employees. including the CEO. voluntary for assorted events. The charity work Southwest does besides AIDSs in the publicity of the company. The consumer may experience the company is good because of its societal duty.

The four elements relate to an organization’s selling scheme. Marketing is merely one component of an organisations overall concern program. By understanding the merchandise which the organisation is bring forthing. the company will be able to find stuffs needed. staffing needed to bring forth the merchandise. and set up the cost to bring forth the merchandise. Selling should non take over production. accounting. and finance of an organisation. Selling should be included in these maps to help in way and coordination.

Understanding the cost of the merchandise will let the organisation to monetary value the merchandise. The monetary value of the merchandise may change. The ground for the varying in monetary value is based on the client perceived value of the merchandise. A merchandise with a higher monetary value ticket is by and large perceived as a better quality merchandise. while the opposite is besides true. An organisation should monetary value a merchandise at the point which will profit the organisation best.

Selling is an of import component for any concern. By analysing the four Ps of merchandise. monetary value. topographic point. and publicity. an organisation can hold a successful selling run. Whether the concern is a little ma and pop organisation or a major corporation such as Southwest Airlines. selling can play an of import function in its success. Understanding the selling mix will set an organisation on the route towards this success.


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