Andres returns very tired from running.
Mariana asks for a newspaper to read.
They start their homework for the afternoon.
We continue studying for the exam.
Do you guys return to ski on the weekend?
The girls ask to play on the football team.
I get all that I want.
Sergio finishes his spanish homework.
I ask for favors when it’s necessary.
Javier is telling the truth.
He continues with his homework.
They get to see good movies.
I’m following the plan.
I get novels at (in) the bookstore.
Can I go to the hike with you guys?
Although I have to return to my house at 3.
No, you cannot come.
We think we will leave at 12.
I want to go. Can you guys return at 2?
No, you have to understand: We won’t return at two.
We prefer to be with more time in the village.
Good. At what hour do you guys think you’ll return?
I don’t think we’ll return until 9 or 10 at night.
In Spain, to the people they like various sports like basketball and cycling.
In the Caribbean, the most popular sport is baseball.
I am with Mario in the library.
The exams start tomorrow.
For the nights Mario and I don’t sleep much because we have to study.
You understand how we feel? No?
I think that the exams will be very difficult.
I really feel like returning to the village.
When I return to the village I can rest.
I prefer the village to the city.
I want to return soon.
If Mario and I buy bus tickets , we can spend the weekend with you.
At home my siblings and I can play soccer in our spare time.
See you (“we’ll see each other” – used at the end of a letter)
At the theatre entrance, my siblings ask for a soda.
My siblings say that they prefer the action movies.
We ask to see a movie at 6:30.
My siblings and I get tickets for students.
I repeat the dialogue for my siblings.
My sibling are young and don’t follow the drama of the movie well.
I ask to skateboard.
He asks to scuba dive.
You ask to climb mountains.
We ask to go on a hike.
They ask to read their emails in class.
You can ask them to have lunch with you.
I never do my homework early.
Ana is not in her house, I suppose she is at the gym.
I never leave to eat with my parents.
I listen to music in my free time.
I only watch television on the weekends.
I bring the map for the geography professor.
I never do exercises in the morning.
At times I turn on the radio when I read the newspaper.
The fans of Barcelona Futbol Club is one of the largest in the world.
I have never been to Barcelona before.
What’s most certain is that Barcelona wins the match.
The sport is my outlet.
Good, I”ll be there. Bye.
I can’t hear well.
I suppose so.
No, you don’t have to bring the balls. I have a lot.
At what hour do you leave for the park?
Manuel says the hour because Cristina cannot hear.
They leave for the park at 4.

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