It is in the opportunism of Singaporeans to talk Standard- English. particularly in such an progressively competitory market place. With other Asiatic states quickly geting proficiencies in English. Singapore could lose its competitory border. peculiarly in the fast turning service industry if we can non do ourselves understood amongst other users of English. Why are the criterions of English Dropping?

Peer force per unit area is one of the grounds why the criterion of English is dropping. Peoples by and large want to be socially accepted and fit in. They want to hold a sense of belonging. Users of Singlish think that talking Standard English is clannish and hence will non accept those who speak Standard English. Mass Media may besides impact us. It presents bad illustrations as some of the comics in Singapore like Phua Chu Kang speak Singlish and people like to copy the illustrations of film stars. Websites like Facebook and Twitter promote abbreviations and it would be instead confounding if we write or even use abbreviations. in our scrutinies. As a consequence. we accept these bad illustrations. believing that they are amusing and do non impact us in our communicating.

A chat-box from Facebook If we have hapless function theoretical accounts. they may besides put a bad illustration for us and act upon us in talking non-standard English. Young kids learn from parents and changeless repeat will reenforce these bad illustrations. How are the criterions of English dropping

I have noticed that everyone around me is talking non-standard English. They are utilizing this in the canteen. the peddler Centre and many other topographic points. Adults. who are supposed to put good illustrations. are talking non-standard English. as they feel comfy. Since they can be understood. they think that there is no demand to alter. Incorrect spelling. wrong sentence construction and direct interlingual rendition from Mandarin are besides jobs. The significances are ill-defined and the hearer or reader becomes confused.

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Badly phrased sentences

Suggestions to better the criterion of English Good function theoretical accounts can assist better our sentence construction and the manner we speak. Hence. we should watch. listen and larn how to talk like native talkers. We can read a broad genre of books that are both fiction and non-fiction. Reading can assist us broaden our cognition and assist us better our composing accomplishments as different authors have different manners. As the expression goes. `the more you read. the more you learn’ . Consequences if we do non better the criterion of English We will hold problem pass oning with others. as English is a linguistic communication used for concern and finance. Employers would engage aliens who have proficiencies in English. As a consequence. we will lose occupations to aliens and this will impact our economic system. Fifteen old ages or so subsequently. when we go out to the work force. some of us may non acquire a good occupation. as companies may prefer to engage foreign endowments who can talk Standard English. hold a good attitude and are hardworking.


Talking Standard English is really of import as our hereafters depend on it. We frequently write what we speak so if we do non talk non-standard English. our composing will non be affected.


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