After spending time in class talking over the list of spiritual gifts and learning more about each I feel like I can better decide what my gifts are. As we went over them I felt that my gifts are encouragement, wisdom, service. I feel like these gifts are the ones God has given to me. Encouragement is the gift of seeing the glass as “half full”. It is being able to find the positive spiritual and emotional outcome of a situation. The gift of Wisdom is the gift of being able to work through situations.

Service is pretty much what it seems it would be. It is the gift of putting others first and wanting to help those who need it rather than worry about yourself. Faith is the gift of trusting in God and knowing he has the best for you in all areas of your life. The gifts that God has given to me is for a purpose, Just as everything else he does. Although at this time in my life, I may not know why He has given these gifts to me, I trust that when I do discover the reason, I will continue to praise Him with these spiritual gifts God has provided to me.

Encouragement and wisdom has always been something Eve had, UT once I accepted Christ, it Just became clearer. I have always been the friend in a situation to help those who are struggling and want to see that everything is worked out for the best. I have always wanted to make sure that those I care about are happy and that they get along. I am always the friend that will hear each side and work through the problem and try to find a resolution that can be good for both sides.

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I feel that wisdom and often goes along with encouragement. Wanting to work through a situation and making sure that if someone needs encouragement in a bad time of heir life, wisdom can very easily go along with that. Knowing the best way to work out a problem between people and knowing how each side feels is important for everything to work out for the best. I always feel better too knowing that my friends and those I care about are happy and for the most part, have non issues at the time.

Having encouragement is also good to keep them positive after a situation might not work out the way the expected it to, or if God chose the solution to be what they needed in their life but might be hard for them to handle. The gift of service is Just hat it seems it would be about. It is the gift of putting others before yourself and serving as Jesus would have done. Whenever there is a chance to serve and help those who may not have as much as I do, gives me a good feeling.

I enjoy knowing that I can be of service to others and shine a light in their life. It can be a great way to share the gospel in a way that can be encouraging to others. Serving others is a representation of how God serves and gives to others. It is a good way to share his love with others and is often very meaningful and is very touching in the lives of hose who might not know Christ as their Lord and Savior. After taking time to review the spiritual gifts and what they all mean, if eel that these three truly are the gifts God has given to me.

After writing about them and what they are to me in my life, I feel that they all seem to tie together in some way. Having encouragement and wanting to see that those you care about are happy and lifted up in the spirit of God goes with the gift of wisdom and making choices that honor God, they also seem to go along with the gift of service. Serving others, and bringing them Joy, can go along with engine that they are encouraged by what service they have received and often makes me hope they will want to pass along the blessing and that I have brought some new joy into their life.

I really feel that it is important to know your spiritual gifts and understand that God has given them to you for a reason. They are important for ones walk with God and they offer new ways to share his love and what he has done for us. After going over the spiritual I really do feel that these are the gifts that God has given to me and I plan to use them more and more to grow closer with God and to spread his love to those who need it.


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