Responsibility goes hand and hand with sports. If you cannot be a responsible person you will struggle with sports. It many not just from the player side it could very well be from the coaching side. I have had the experience to learn from both the players side but also from a coach prospective on responsibility. On either side there is a huge part of responsibility. From being a coach I was taught the responsibility of having people waiting for you to come to practice and be prepared so both your time and their time can be used wisely.

There is a lot more responsibility on a coach then on a player I believe. A coach has to have plans for the practice and be considered with the well being of the players. You learn the responsibility of having to look after many other people beside yourself. When being a coach you have to make sure you are aware of where your team is. If you travel then you have to make sure that everyone gets on the bus. If you leave a player you are going to have to deal with some anger parents and who knows what else the consequences will be.

Along with having to worry about the where about of your players you will need you also have to make sure they are enjoying themselves. It is the coach s responsibility to make sure that the sport they are coaching is fun. If it is not fun the players will either quit the team or not return the following year. I also believe as a coach you should not single anyone out or make someone else feel rotten about how they play. The coach should work with what he/she has and treat everyone fairly.

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Never put a player down because the coach is suppose to be there to help everyone and treat him or her all the same. There are some different responsibilities as a player though. As a player your responsibility is to give it all your heart for the sport you play for. If makes it easier for the coach If he/ she has the players cooperation. If you are only out for yourself then you are hurting the team. So which leads to the responsibility of being a team player. It is a very important for the player to be a team player.

It does not take much for you to be a team player, but that does not mean that just because you are not playing that you are not a team player. Playing or sitting are both very important roles and you needed to be able to accept being put on the bench. Everyone on the team has a role and if you do not like your role then you have to work hard to change your role. It is the player s responsibility to change and work hard. Some other types of responsibility that sports taught me are time management, commitment and being able to balance your activities.

If you struggle with any of the above sports will be hard to do. The time management is a big part because you have a time to be at practice and if you are not there then you are breaking your commitment. Being able to balance your activities is only of the hardest things to learn. Sometimes you have to give up some things because of sports. I use to have to give up family vacations because during school breaks we would have tournaments and practices to attend. Being able to balance your daily plans means being able to doing homework, spend time with family and friends, and to be able to have some time to you.

There are many other things sports has taught me but these are the most important. The ability to do all of it is a mind boggling and can be overwhelming, but the rewards of it are well worth the time. You give a lot but you get back just as much. The things I learned about responsibility I would not have learned elsewhere and when I learned it I didn t even realize I was learning it. So besides having a good time I also learned valuable lessons about responsibility that will make my life easier.


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