Select the active voice sentence below?
The Soldiers cleaned their weapons
Errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation can leave a(n) ______________ impression on your reader
The structure of Army Writing is simple and consists of which two elements?
Which of the following are personal pronouns
Our, Us, and Me
The ______ is the most common type of military correspondence.
Interpersonal communication occurs at which two levels?
Content and Process
______ communication is a vital asset in promoting organizational performance, morale, teamwork, and unity.
As you receive behavioral cues to communication, you assign ______ to each communication.
The receiver indicates attention through both ____ and ____ indicators?
Verbal, Nonverbal
Human communication is best understood as a system where senders are _____ receivers and receivers are ____ senders?
Communication is not complete if the ____ doesn’t listen?
Which security classification would you apply to a standard operating procedure (SOP) in which the unauthorized disclosure of its contents could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to national security?
Top Secret
Every SOP must have the signature of the ____ within your chain of command before it is a legal document.
approving authority
Which security classification would you apply to an SOP in which the unauthorized disclosure of its content could reasonably be expected to cause serious damage to national security?
When an SOP is submitted for peer review, it is normally sent through which of the following channels?
Squad leader, platoon leader, and platoon sergeant
The first step in developing an SOP is to determine its _______
You can identify the _______ for distribution by selecting the appropriate level of application and identifying the units, section, and personnel involved in the performance of duties covered by the SOP.
target audience
The AFTB training program consists of levels I, II, III, ____, and ______ course.
Master Trainer Professional Development and Program Manager
The goal of the Army Family Team Building (AFTB) program is to assist family members of Soldiers by:
Employing resources to build and strengthen enduring partnerships.
What AFTP course provides training for family members new to the Army?
Level I
The ____ course provides training for family members who have more experience with the Army, have goals of improving their leadership skills both personally and professionally, and are willing to share life experiences with more junior family members.
Level III
The ___ Course explores the expectations family members have of the Army and the impact of the Army mission on family life.
Level II
Enrollment in level I, II, III, of AFTB is
Sexual Harassment is a form of ____ discrimination
A ____ is a group within a larger social group that shares cultural characteristics distinguishable from others in the same social setting.
EO is a _____ issue.
_____ is a complex classification of human characteristics related to personal and biological traits.
Race, religion, gender, national origin, and color are defined as what?
The five categories of discrimination
Which of the following can help you, as a leader, manage prejudice and stereotypes?
Recognize how your
Recognize how prejudice
Accept ownership
Which of the following relationships is prohibited?
Initiation “rites of passage” or congratulatory acts that involve physically striking others in order to inflict pain;
Who defines responsibilities and authority of noncommissioned officers (NCOs) to their staffs and subordinates?
Enforcement of the Army’s policy on hazing is the responsibility of
Leaders at all levels
Which regulation covers the Army Body Composition Program?
AR 600-9
___ and ___ are the two critical phases of the formation stage.
In-processing, reception
Sponsorship support consists of the following:
The ____ provides basic housekeeping items that incoming and outgoing families can borrow temporarily.
Family Support program
The ____ policy allows members of the command to present facts, concerns, problems of a personal or professional nature, or other issues that they have been unable to resolve at a lower level.
Soldiers and families returning to the United States from overseas duty stations can attend ____ workshops.
Sponsorship is a(n) ____ program.

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