In the novelette _The Body_ and the film “Stand By Me” . we see a narrative of four immature male childs who embark on a journey to happen the dead organic structure of Ray Brower. a male child about the same age as the four male childs: Gordie. Chris. Teddy. and Vern. Gordie. is by and large seen as the most intelligent of the four male childs. giving counsel and replies to the other male childs. Then there is Chris. the conciliator of the group. Teddy. the amusing alleviation for the group. and Vern. the lone wolf of the group. The text really clearly defines these male childs. and shows several illustrations of their functions and how it plays out on their ocean trip. At one point. Teddy unwisely attempts to dodge a train. but Gordie leaps in and cryings him off. Milo. the shit proprietor. makes merriment of Teddy’s pa. naming him a crazy. amongst other things. rupturing Teddy apart emotionally. Finally he breaks down and calls. and Chris comforts him. Although this group of male childs is portrayed throughout the novelette and movie as being dysfunctional. we see a alone sense of integrity conveyed between these male childs.

The novelette focuses in on the mostly depicted subject of intimacy and integrity. The Novella is centered chiefly around two characters. Gordie and Chris. Showcasing the intimacy of the two male childs. This first comes approximately when Chris shows Gordie the handgun that he brings along on the journey through the forests and becomes farther detailed when Chris criticizes Gordie’s parents. Knocking another person’s parents is unacceptable. unless the criticizer is near adequate to make so. By in-between school. Chris and Gordie began to float off from Vern and Teddy who became “just two more faces in the halls. ” Chris and Gordie’s friendly relationship continued good beyond in-between school.

Chris enrolled in college classs with Gordie. and Gordie tutored him all the manner through high school. The bonds created and enhanced on the journey to happen Ray Brower lasted a life-time for the two. and even though they went their separate ways during college. they ne’er forgot each other and the experiences they had together. The cinematographic sound technique plays a immense function in picturing the subject of intimacy in the movie. The sound choices show window Gordie and Chris’s relationship by playing gay dad. such as _Lollipop_ melodies. during the clip when focused on Chris and Gordie and even the other male childs paired up walking together in the forests.

When reading the novelette. there is a sense of fright and suspense trickled through the words and scene picks. This feeling becomes intensified as the male childs make the hazardous determination to acquire to their finish via train paths. avoiding an excess 10 or so stat mis.

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In the movie “Stand By Me” . we encounter the dramatic train scene. which is filmed in a manner that provokes anxiousness and fright when observation. The male childs decide they are traveling to avoid an excess 10 stat mis by trekking through the working train path span. Gordie steps up to the home base and leads the male childs on this unsafe path. Composition refers to the agreement of ocular elements within a shooting. We see a really powerful composing close up shooting as Gordie is walking through the unfastened paths. The camera faces downwards and leaves us with the position of his places and the H2O 100 pess below him. finally giving the spectator a enormous feeling of fright and wonder inquiring if they are traveling to do it before a train comes.

Although Chris could likely acquire over the train paths at a faster velocity. he chooses to remain behind Vern to do certain he can make it. We see a broad screen frame as Gordie realizes the train is nearing them. Vern freaks out and doesn’t cognize what to make. but Chris stays there with him. choices him up. and forces him to draw his act together so they do non acquire hit by the train. This broad screen frame far shooting is really powerful because we are able to experience the emphasis that the train is coming right behind them and they are fighting as a unit to acquire to the other side before the train catches up with them. Through this shooting we see the subject of integrity and fright. which is shown throughout the film and the novelette.

In both the novelette and the movie. we see the subject of doggedness. On their long pursuit to happen Ray Brower’s organic structure. they encounter many unexpected barriers. doing their journey much harder than expected. It would be really easy to give up. but alternatively they choose to encompass these hard state of affairss and acquire past them without acquiring discouraged. During the scene where they encounter a lake. the boys rapidly go cognizant that they have all been swarmed by bloodsuckers. When watching this scene my first idea was. “Just give up already” . but the male childs ne’er gave up. For most people this would be an immediate terminal. but they didn’t allow it convey them down. They picked up and continued. When watching this scene. we see the clear pick of a moving frame. honing in on each of the boys fear-filled faces. This technique magnifies the disgusting and terror infused experiencing the male childs are sing.

The movie techniques in the movie were clearly chosen and good thought out in the attempt to convey the same subjects and message that the novelette portrayed. The spectator must utilize their cognition on composing. particular shootings. and sound to set the pieces together and calculate out how that plays a function in the bigger subject evolved in the novelette.


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