Qualities of democracy that and Important to Americans include: “Freedom of speech,” “Freedom of press,” “Freedom to vote,” and lastly “Freedom to pursue happiness. ” Robert Dahlia’s five standards of democracy are as follows: Effective participation- everyone is able to participate effectively, through unhindered voting or some other way of sharing opinions and making views known. Voting equality at the decisive stage-. Once it counts, everyone should have an equal vote. Enlightened understanding- the populace should be educated and informed Control of the agenda- The people need to be able to decide what Is going to happen.

Inclusiveness- No one should be excluded. Although the government Is not perfect, the United States exemplifies and implements the five standards of democracy as outlined by Robert Dahl because people are treated with equality and fairness. The government is not perfect, Nobody is perfect! Democracy is the best form of government. As democracy means rule of people. It is a form of government in which all eligible citizens participate equally, either directly or through elected representatives. Democracy Is the best form of government simply because no other form of government Is known to work well.

Democracy may have Its flaws but all In all It works very fluidly. Some plus points of having a democratic form of government are: US. Government My Running Head Freedom Democracy represents the views and notions of all the citizens of the country, whether majorities or minorities. It helps In solving conflicts and quarrels In a better way. It provides a dignity to the people. Democracy allows various people to rule the country through the representatives. It also allows people to express themselves clearly and freely.

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It Respects and promotes Human Rights In this form of government all people are equal before the law. Democracy Is the only form of government where the people can voice their opinion. In my view there Is no other alternative form of government better than a democracy. Equality All citizens are to be treated with equally under the law regardless of their wealth, poverty, social or political ranking, etc. And that nobody should be considered above the law. With Robert Dahlia’s five standards of democracy, we accomplish them very well. HIS first, second, and fifth standard’s all mean equality.

Perception Is everything. Everyone, whether they choose to believe It or not, Is treated equally and no one Is left out. Robert Dahlia’s third and fourth standard both are examples of how the united States is a informed on what is going on basically the second it happens. That sounds fair to me. Freedom is everything to the united States. Its the land of the free. People everyday complain about how they can’t do this, can;t do that. There is so much in this world to do, its Just a matter of time before people start to realize what is in front of them.


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