Our strength also lies in the fact that we sell beaded and embellished clothes from Asia, which is unique in Jersey shore. We have trained staff and managers providing quality services and products to customers. Our strengths allow us to make economic value and gain competitive advantage. Weaknesses We, however, have the weakness that we have one store location and not making use of Internet sales for a broader spectrum of customers. Another weakness is that we have higher costs of employees because of our location than our competitor who have similar productivity rate from a lower cost of labor.

Our company’s lack of capabilities and resources are hindrance from growing economically. Opportunities Opportunities for our company are using internet to expand our business, selling clothes, increasing product sales worldwide through internet shopping. It is a chance for us to improve our performance and gain competitive advantage Cay, B. , 2002). Threats The threats to our company are other high profile competitors, who make use of internet for sales, and issues regarding identity theft of customers purchasing clothes online.

It may reduce our performance level. We can develop our internet website to avail the chance of purchasing online (opportunity), making use of our excellent customer service (strength) via phone and internet chat 2417. This will shadow our lack of internet presence (weakness). Moreover, by enhancing our strength of providing outstanding customer service even to the online shopping website, we would be able to address customer queries about identity theft, which will be alleviated (threat).

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The main advantages of taking our small business online include our increased productivity and enhanced competitiveness in dealing with consumers and suppliers in the economic sector, easy access to global market for us ND the customers, new Job opportunities, more customers and resultant social and economic benefits and welfare of customers at national and international level (Robert, B. , 2003). The disadvantages, however, include uncontrolled criminal activities such as spam, identity theft creating customer issues, protectionism and lack of investment in financial infrastructure required for e commerce in developing countries.

We can come up with a successful strategy through SOOT analysis for high performance in the global market. Issues in conducting international E-commerce The key issues that any company faces when it conducts international commerce include trust, culture, language, government, and infrastructure. Trust We must work to win the trust of customers. It can be done by sharing the culture I. Language and customs. Language The first step to cater international customers is to sell our products in their native language because the buying chances increases if the customers find services in their language.

Studies suggest that 60% of web usage and 40% of sales via e commerce will have at least one category outside USA. To address this issue, we can revived the links on the pages of the website for different languages such as Spanish English, and French etc. In this way, the customers can view the product information in the language they select from the home page (www. Efface. CSS. Default. Du). Culture People have different cultures around the globe. In order to have a good reputation and good sales, we have to consider their culture while marketing via the internet.

For example, Inappropriate use of picture of a cow in India, using pictures with naked legs and arms in Muslim countries, a weeping in four parts or use of white color in Japan, where it means death, etc. According to law, providing pages in French for shipping products to France . We have to keep these things to cater international market. Government There are taxation’s such as nexus, federal and state taxes that one has to give while conducting e-commerce. To overcome this barrier, we can avoid nexus by shipping orders to other states by using contract carrier such as Feted or UPS for delivery of items.

Infrastructure Lack of secure electronic transaction (or SET) is one of infrastructural barrier in e commerce. The telecommunication systems are owned by government, or regulation are heavy in some countries. These regulations have caused hindrance in the development that the internet data cannot be handled responsibly. The costs of local internet connections can be high in some regions, and paperwork for transactions internationally can be prohibited. Laws and regulations There are certain laws and regulations that every business comply with, and the ones that operate through the web is supposed to follow them too.

Although, they face two additional complicating factors as they try to comply with the law. Traditional boundaries The internet extends a company’s reach beyond traditional boundaries. This means that a company has to abide by many laws more quickly than a traditional regular, brick and mortar business at a particular location. In traditional commerce, the Territorial borders mark the reach of culture and define the applicable laws. People are notified about their transitions when they travel overseas. The government should make Jurisdiction on Laws governing business conduct.

For example, we or the consumer should file a claim in courts regarding a contract or tort. We, as owner of website, can refer to federal courts for issues such as bankruptcy, copyright, or TA robbers, because they have subject matter Jurisdiction and personal Jurisdiction. Speed of business Secondly, the web increases the speed n efficiency of business communications. The usage of the internet is a growing means of business communication and causes the issue of online privacy. Many issues concerning the law and privacy are hotly debated and still remain unresolved.

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act in 1986 is the basic law that governs the privacy on the Internet nowadays. Therefore, I would hire a professional to design my website and display the content of privacy to amply with the law in order to avoid penalties, fines, court imposed dissolution or jail on customers reactions. Online crimes Law enforcement agencies have difficulty combating many types of online crime. There are various cyber crimes, which the small business owners like me will have to deal with, in order to do business online.

Electronic transaction Shopping on the internet may seem like an easy task to the customers, but the customer information and their credit card details have to go through many phases, therefore, protecting the privacy is a major issue. Crimes like intruders stealing their reedit information may cause severe problems to the customer and the company. L, as the owner of the website have the responsibility to safeguard the privacy of customer’s personal and bank account information.

I have to provide the customer guarantee and peace of mind that the information they provide is safe from any invading eyes. In order to do so, I through my website, will give customers the choice about the use of their personal information, also have security processes to avoid the unauthorized parties to access to customer information. Privacy policies and procedures will be clearly defined to customers. Governments are designing legislation to protect privacy of customer information, which includes factors like foreign data information control.

The Electronic Communication and Transaction Act or ACT governs transactions and communications electronically. Copyright & Trademark While doing e commerce, we should be able to combat another cyber crime related to copyrights on digital content. It is very important that laws should be made to make sure that digital technology does not contradict with the basic laws of copyright and other rights. By using the Internet, a single individual can send thousands of copies al over the world. A trademark is a distinct name or logo, owned by an individual, or a company.

If some other person tries to use the same trademark without any authorization, it is illegal in court of law. In this case of attempted dilution to the distinctive trademark, the owner has the right to seek damages, as it is a threat to their quality products. Judiciaries and legislation have passed new laws in some countries to ensure protection of rights related to digital content. L, as an owner Off- business, would abide by these laws and adapt business method by using technology o prevent digital crimes.


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