Describe Your Product Or Service- Futebol De Salao is a form of football, played on small courts, taught in Brazil to teach technique, movement, passing and shooting.

Why Is It A Good One?- At the moment the only forms of football been taught in the Uk is 11 a side and 5 a side which don’t teach the essential skills as well as they should. And with the recent failure of the England football team in Euro 2000 we though it was time to teach the next generation of footballers how to play football properly. The only proof we need to show how successful this method is, is the talent of the Brazil football team past and present for example, Pele, Zico, Rivaldo and Ronaldo.


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What are your own skills and experience? All of the group has plenty of past experience, in watching and playing. We all fully understand the rules of the game and have enough experience to organise this kind of business.

Will you need to employ anyone to provide complementary skills? Coaches will need to be hired if teams require coaching sessions. Teams will have the option whether they want to hire the courts just to play on or they can have a coach teach them special training techniques.

Will any staff require training? Unfortunately there isn’t many existing coaches around that train this type of football, but ordinary, sporty people can be taught the different coaching methods and skills it takes to teach this kind of football e.g. students.

Market Research

Is there a market for your product or service? We believe that that there is a big market for our service. Although this kind of thing may be found in larger cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester, locally there is nothing. Our audience is organised football teams, from junior lads and dads teams to pub teams. With football being one of the most popular leisure activities in the country, there is a large demand for this kind of service.

How Much Can You Realistically Charge Your Customers?

We believe that �12 an hour for children’s teams and �15 an hour for adults teams is a fair price. This might seem expensive but if the team splits the price between the players it works out very cheap.


We aren’t selling a product, we are providing a service. We already know that there are existing centres, and as far as we know they are successful. We are buying in products such as goals, balls, and Astroturf that we know are already safe because many businesses have used them before us.


All of the equipment we need is-

* Goals,

* Astroturf,

* Balls,

* Fencing.

There should be no problem in obtaining these kind of pieces of equipment. Research would have to be made into the prices of these items. One way of cutting down the costs dramatically is to use existing premises and put our own charge on top of our hiring costs.


We have short listed plots of land where we could locate.

1. The wasteland next to the Britannia Stadium,

2. The grass land next to Pool Dam in Newcastle


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