I samsher Rana. completed Higher Secondary Education in 2012 from Kathmandu Model College which is situated at Baghbazar. Kathmandu. Nepal in direction with first division Markss and grade 10 from Kantipur English High School with differentiation Markss. I have scored 6. 5 in IELTS which is a cogent evidence of my English linguistic communication proficiency. After finishing my higher secondary degree instruction I plan to go on my instruction by prosecuting a Bachelor’s grade in Business Management.

I would wish to finish my farther surveies in New Zealand at Concordia Institute Of Business which will assist me to larn how to construct or make concern in better affairs. It has developed a repute for being friendly. lovingness. and welcoming. and has a multi-cultural staff with broad experience in instruction for international pupils. As a concern pupils I will acquire opportunity to larn how to take a group or squad to present selected aims in a productive manner. Furthermore the college plans are delivered by experient. qualified teaching staff through talks. tutorials. and practical assignments which maintains a high criterion of instruction. .

Merely after the extended research I have decided to take this college for my farther surveies. I took aid from my relations and friends to cognize more about this college and besides from this college’s web site and got tonss of information about it. After the stopping point survey I decided to finish my higher surveies from this college as I came to cognize that this college staff’s are really supportive and friendly. It prioritizes academic accomplishment but still helps pupils to acquire parttime occupations.

New Zealand has an international repute as a supplier of quality instruction. It has a progressive instruction system. It offers a safe acquisition environment with first-class survey chances and support services for international pupils. I decided to analyze in New Zealand instead than Nepal because pupils meaning to analyze in New Zealand can be assured of accomplishing makings that are at a criterion comparable to makings achieved in taking educational establishments in other parts of the universe. Therefore my household besides insisted me to travel New Zealand for having farther surveies.

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Furthermore New Zealand is besides renowned for its natural beauty and its escapade activities. Therefore if I get opportunity to finish my farther instruction in New Zealand so I will be pleased to make so.


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