The ladder of success is never crowded as you go on the top” are the words of Napoleon Hill, which I have believed and clearly lived by, my entire life. Management is the field which I have aspired right since my childhood. I have been planning, setting goals and achieved them, in the management from minor to major aspects of my life. Conceptualization of business ideas & new technology has always been a great fascination to me.

Achieving a Masters degree in Project Management has been nee of my aspirations, which I devoted my vigor to during the past years & I currently feel that I am almost at the pinnacle of my ambition. This would be the ideal bridge, from my current place to my desired goal, as it will lay down the framework for further learning. My approach has always been of an analytical nature and will unquestionably be of assistance to me in the subject of business studies. My strengths are planning & co-ordination which are the essentials in a management environment.

My experiences have inculcated in me a sense of discipline and has also fashioned me into a person who is oriented towards precision, perfection & a methodological approach to work. My ability to handle pressure, aptitude for Project management, along with a strong professional foundation, which will provide the knowledge I lack, will facilitate the culmination of my Masters in Project management. I am extremely hard working & am willing to put in as much effort & perseverance as is required of me, to earn this Masters degree.

This will expand my aptitude, thereby increasing my thought processes to develop enhanced techniques, which will be more effective in today’s competitive work scenario. My aspiration is to handle a work force in a multinational company, in order to gain exposure, knowledge of varied cultures & hands on experience, where I can apply all my knowledge & learning. I feel confident that your esteemed University is the appropriate choice for me, as it would provide me with the opportunity to learn the finer points, necessary to be successful in a management career.

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Your University is reputed for its excellent academic instruction & personal attention given to students. I am extremely keen on joining your vibrant center of learning, where, I believe, the facilities offered & the encouraging work atmosphere place emphasis on individual initiative & creativity corporate companies in the industry is exactly what suits my requirements. I feel convinced that your University would give me ample opportunity to interact with well- accomplished students, as also the prospect to learn from faculty of a highly skilled tauter.

With my work experience, I have a tremendous amount to contribute. I anticipate that studying at your University will provide me with the occasion to widen my horizons & will become the stepping-stone to a longer, bigger & brighter future in the business world. In conclusion, I would like to mention that if admitted, I would try my best to uphold the name of your University & I look forward to studying at your prestigious Institution of higher learning, which will equip me to reap high-quality benefits in my professional career.


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