Below we list several variables. Which to these variables are quantitative and which are qualitative? Explain. A. The dollar amount on an accounts receivable Invoice. B. The net profit for a company In 2005. C. The stock exchange on which a company’s stock Is traded. D. The national debt of the united States in 2005. E. The advertising medium (radio, television, or print) used to promote a product. 2. Classify each of the following qualitative variables as ordinal or nominative.

Explain your answers. Qualitative Variables Categories Statistics course letter grade ABACA Door choice on Let’s Make A Deal Door # 1 Door 2 Personal computer ownership Yes No Restaurant rating Incoming tax filing status Married filing jointly; Married filing separately; Single; Head of household; Qualifying widow(ere) 3. Explain how to take a systematic sample of 100 companies from the 1,853 companies that are members of an industry trade association. 4. Explain how a stratified random sample is selected. 5.

Marketing researchers often use city blocks as clusters in cluster sampling Using this fact, explain how a market researcher might use multistage cluster sampling to elect a sample of consumers from all cities having a population of more than 10,000 in a large state having many such cities. 6. Forbes magazine publishes the Forbes Platinum 400 -a list of the “Best Big Companies in America” as selected by the magazine’s writers and editors. Table above gives the best companies in the retailing industry as given in this list on the Forbes website on March 16, 2005. A.

Calculate x, s 2 , and s for the expense data. B. Assuming that the distribution of entertainment expenses is approximately normally distributed, calculate estimates of tolerance intervals containing 68. 26 percent, 95. 44 percent, and 99. 73 percent of all entertainment expenses by the sales force. C. If a member of the sales force submits an entertaining expense (dinner cost for four) of $190, should this expense be considered unusually high (and possibly worthy of investigation by the company)? Explain your answer.

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