Stereotypes and Judgments Have women proven that their capable of performing at the level of men? Women’s rights have been an ongoing movement and issue for hundreds of years. They have already proven that regardless off the obstacles that have been placed by others that they can still strive for success. Although improvements have been made, women still only earn 75 cents of a man’s dollar. Since Caddy Station’s declaration women have broken miraculous barriers.

Now that women are breaking away from the shackles bestowed upon them, women have learned to understand the importance of freedom. Uneducated Judgments and inaccurate stereotypes on a group of people is never acceptable. Anytime a woman manages to seep through all the obstacles and find success she instantly placed in front of a magnified glass. Benzene Bout had faced nonstop criticism her entire life. Her father was a notoriously corrupt prime minister, of Pakistan. She had been observed and critiqued her entire life.

She still manages to become the first female prime minister of Pakistan, although she faced a number of obstacles. Like Caddy Stanton, the iconic female women rights leader, she had a knack or education and bettering herself and the people around her. Bout mentions in her piece Islam and Democracy, that “the Saran’s message is open to and tolerant of women’s full participation in society, it encourages knowledge and scientific experimentation, and it prohibits violence against innocents and suicide, despite terrorists’ claims to the contrary. (185) During Caddy Station’s life Men had an incorrect hypothesis of all women being equally unintelligent and inferior to men, just as during Benzene Bout had to deal with certain people thinking that all Muslims are violent as some “Muslim” extremists are. The struggle and success of women could easily be a reason of motivation for Benzene in hope of reviving the Muslim reputation. Over the last few decades there have been many misconceptions about what defines a Muslim individual, and how he or she represents the teachings of Islam.

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Bout states, “Who can doubt that Islam as a religion and as a vale structure has been distorted and manipulated for political reasons by militants and extremists and dictators. “(185) The basics of religion are misconstrued by the media outlets and create hatred amongst society and it’s Muslim population, Just as women during Station’s time were being looked down because of what society(Men)was calming. The growing misinterpretation of people’s depiction of Islam and the Muslim character define how individuals in the world treat one another.

This criticism faced by some Muslims can easily be compared to the unjust criticism women faced during Station’s time. Both Benzene Buttons and Elizabeth Caddy Station’s goals, were to persuade their audience, and to share view. Even if they can’t get them to agree completely, they still get them to see that at least there is something to be said for this view, and that this is a position a reasonable person can old. In Buttons piece Islam and Democracy, she mentions how the Quern states “Allah (god) created people in different ways and that diversity is good.

It’s the natural part of god’s plan” (183) This is her reasoning for why we should be open and understand rather than being shallow and arrogant. Bout says “Thus humans must seek and apply knowledge, must use reason, must consult and build a consensus for a Just society on earth on which they will be Judged in the hereafter. ” Buttons biggest worry was that the world had completely changed its complete understanding of what a Muslim person is like and how he or she acts. The fear of the misconception people had of the people of Islam limited the personality traits a Muslim should have.

The population took a hit, and since then, the leaders in various Muslim communities around the world have had to remind them that Islam is more than what people Judge one another to be. Becoming a representative of Islam is a lot harder, but through every struggle, God gives his rewards. The Muslim person is generally, like any other person in the world, intended to be the best individual he or she possibly can. The misconception of the intended personality of a Muslim, due to errors acts of the past, is the reason people tend to change; change to those who are a horrible example of any human being.

A sinner may sin, ask for his or her forgiveness, and never do it again, but a repetitive sinner can only be forgiven so much until it is time for him or her to pay the punishment that is due for their sins. Life is meant to be lived by the believer in a way that is to be respected by one another, with limitation in oneself comes a harder life in becoming the best Muslim, or individual, that anyone can be. That no one individual can be the basis of the elision, the toughest fact for a Muslim and the religion itself is the reluctant behavior society has shown since September 1 1, 2001.

In September of 2001, Muslim men allegedly attacked the World Trade Center by hijacking a plane and crashing it into each tower and destroying anything in and around it. This led to a natural judgment of the Muslim population, sometimes leading to Islamabad. “The term Islamabad is usually defined as fear of Muslims or of the Islamic religion” Onus 114). People feared that all Muslims were the same and any Muslim could become that hijacker and destroy their lives. If those same people were to know the Islamic personality, Islamabad would not exist. In his speech, Wigwams begins by addressing Islam as a religion.

The basic meaning of the word Islam means submission or surrender. Like in the Latin writing methods, in Arabic the meanings of words are derived from a root word; in this particular definition, the word Islam is derived from the word salaam, which means peace and or safety. In other words, the meaning of the word Islam means peaceful and submissive in the path of God. When the “Declaration of Sentiments” was written a big issue was women’s rights o vote. How were women supposed to change the world and better the nation when they didn’t even have the right to vote or speak for themselves?

Candy Stanton said “Having deprived her of this first right of a citizen, the elective franchise, thereby leaving her without representation in the halls of legislation, he has oppressed her on all sides. ” (273). She argued that if those men who were uneducated and had no real opinion in society had the right to vote yet an educated woman such as herself couldn’t. This bold statement, listed among many others in her declaration, gave omen that motivation to be heard and fight for what they believed was right. This was the key to start a movement and change, the ability to vote and truly be a part of the “people”.

Stanton demanded this resolve “That all laws which prevent woman from occupying such a station in society as her conscience shall dictate, or which place her in a position inferior to that of man, are contrary to the great precept of nature, and therefore of no force or authority’ (270). It’s hard to understand why men may had not considered women their equals, society at that time told them they were not. Once a woman married she was considered civilly dead. It is funny that during the 19th century a woman who is widowed was the one with the most freedom.

Until a woman married everything she had belonged to her father, and once she was married everything transfers to her husband. Even any earned wages she had goes to either her husband or father. Woman had no responsibilities; such as having the rights to own land. Bout and Station’s struggle and success are amazing. They have helped with reviving an image that is in Jeopardy. Stanton had the struggle of being a women who anted do more then be a house wife, and Bout was a women who wanted to succeed politically in a world where the politics are tainted by false religion.


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