•What are the positive facets of stereotypes. if any? Most stereotypes are negative and may do much injury but there are positive stereotypes. which besides have a negative impact because they influence bias. One positive thing that can be gained from stereotypes is self-motivation. “Still other research workers have conceptualized the benefits of stereotype usage in more motivational footings. such as self-enhancement. ” ( Lambart. 1997. abstract. Para. 2 ) Negative remarks can sometimes be used to reenforce our self-esteem and turn out everyone incorrect.

From experience. I can state the statement is true. I am the oldest of three misss. and my male parent ever had high aspirations for us. yet low outlooks. Never genuinely believing in our capacity to finish higher instruction and keep a nice occupation. he ever said. “Hispanics are lazy and like the easy manner out. we prefer money instead than obtaining a grade. ” Rather than conveying me down. I set a end to turn out his beliefs are incorrect. and I will be one Hispanic who succeeds. •What are the negative facets of stereotypes? Stereotypes cause physical. mental. and emotional jobs to most whom are offended.

Emotional jobs such as depression. low self-esteem. and losing the desire to win in life are a few of the negative facets of pigeonholing. Some suffer physical jobs. which include self-mutilation caused by mental and emotional injury. and eating upsets. Some are highly under weight to avoid stereotypes. The extent of the injury depends on how strong the individual is. and their ability to excel negative remarks. •What can be done to forestall bias from happening? Unlike classification. bias is non human nature therefore we can command it.

Prejudice is pre judgements that we make based on myths and hypothesis non facts. To forestall prejudice signifier happening. we need to maintain in head we are all human existences. and have the right to be treated equal. Like the jurisprudence states “Innocent until proved guilty. ” We should foremost larn about the individual. and happen the ground toward their actions before we judge. We must maintain in head we all have the right to do errors and no 1 is free from them. but most of import. we need to maintain in head that prejudiced remarks wounded people in legion ways. and we do non desire to be portion of their hurting.

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I read a book “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher. in which a teenage miss putting to deaths herself because of the prejudiced remarks 13 different people made about her. It took merely 13 grounds for her to kill herself. because one remark itself didn’t injury. but all 13 had a snowball consequence and kept turn overing. acquiring bigger every clip. Once the sweet sand verbena got to a certain size. she wasn’t able to take all the negative remarks and decided to kill herself.


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