My attempt to be so good that they can’t ignore you -Steve Martin Law has always been my dream, since young. It was a combined influence of shows and books that first drew my attention towards this enthralling profession. Each time my interest waned, I found something else to like about the profession- The apparent wittiness of the lawyers, shrewdness in finding loopholes as well as the many different ways to solve the same case. It is probably the only subject where reason overcomes logic and thought.

Finance distracted me from my calling in my secondary school years, where I worked hard to get into Haw Chon Junior College, which would send me en route to MIT. Then in Haw Chon, I lost sight of what I wanted in life. And without a goal, it’s difficult to score. Throughout the hectic preparation for my A levels, I had no time to think. I studied without purpose. And I knew, there was no meaning to what I was reading, what I was writing. I couldn’t see what my hard work was going to lead to, and so I floundered. After taking my A level exams, I had a lot of time to think.

And then I remembered my childhood dream- of being a lawyer. I started to Google different types of law- Equity and trusts, Torts, the works. Instead of being turned off by what some would call heavy reading, I found the material engaging and interesting. That never happened with my Biology notes. I used to keep reading and re-reading the pages as the information Just won’t stick. I started lapping up whatever the Internet had to offer about law. Started reading law cases online too. I exhausted whatever I could find. I got even more interested at the play of reason and rules. It was as if


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