The Fine Wine Rack Factory is a modest sized job shop located in an industrial park adjacent the Basher Freeway outside San Francis, California. You currently have four crew members staffing the factory: Juan Vasquez (senior employee and aster carpenter), Debbie Bates, Mike Parker (the son of your boss, Ben Parker), and Stan (“the Man”) Reeves. Your job as Production Manager is to schedule the activities of these four employees, as well as keep them supplied with whatever materials they may need.

BUILDING GROUNDS 1/4″ = 10 feet, approximately 160 feet Horizontal Piece Prep Your Office Trim Production fence Rip Cross Cut Lumber Storage 60 feet Rack Production Front Office To Street MGM 302 Fine Wine Rack project- page 1 Inspection and Packing Basher Freeway Loading Bay Doors copyright 0 2007 Natalie Simpson Building Fine Wine Racks Wine racks are made from clear-heart redwood, which is lumber cut from the center of a redwood tree. (Redwood is the preferred lumber of wine cellars, because it is highly mildew and insect resistant.

Redwood gets its unique color from an acid which makes it unappealing to most pests. ) Individual racks consist of horizontal and vertical pieces fastened into ladder-shaped sub-assemblies, which are then held in place by horizontal bands of trim across the front and back of the rack. Step Two: Rack Making: build ladder shaped subassembly Step One: Part Making: Cut horizontal and vertical pieces Step three: Attach Horizontal Trim to assemble wine rack The wine racks pictured above are twenty-bottle high, single depth racks. Four columns of wine rack are visible in the break-away section of finished racking on the right.

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Note that attaching the horizontal trim in the third step above is not done in your production shop at the Fine Wine Rack Company. Rather, the horizontal trim is created to order at your shop, and shipped separate from the ladder shaped sub-assemblies such as the one in the center of the picture. Step Three of this drawing is actually completed once all these items are delivered to the wine cellar location. If Step Three were completed in your shop, most finished wine racks would be too big to ship, and wouldn’t fit through the door of the wine cellar even if they could be shipped.

MGM 302 Fine Wine Rack Project- page 2 Copyright 0 2007 Natalie Simpson Building Fine Wine Cellars Aside from Ben Parser’s personalized sales techniques, the only thing “custom” about a “custom” wine cellar is the horizontal trim which holds the rack sub- assemblies together. All customers’ orders are some combination of four basic types of sub-assemblies: twenty-bottle high/single bottle deep racks, twenty- bottle high/double deep racks, twenty four-bottle high/single bottle deep racks, and twenty four-bottle high/double deep racks.

These sub-assemblies, in turn, are made of rack parts, cut from your available lumber. To complete a job (one customer’s order), you must: Make sure you have enough rack parts. Build the racks required by the order. Make the custom trim for that job. “Pull” the racks from inventory, inspect, and document the job. Pack the job for hipping. A typical job is named after the customer, although it requires a job code number in order for you to create your schedule.

For example, the following jobs are waiting to be scheduled: Table 1: Fine Wine Rack Job Releases Job Code Number Job Name 20 High, Double PPTP sacks ) columns 4 High, ingle ) PPTP :sacks I columns High, )bubble Depth Racks 20 columns Trim Work Required Inspection Promised Shipping Date Larch Single 10 columns 1 hour columns hour I hour Brannon O columns 4 Matheson 60 columns 40 columns 30 columns 6 Bender 2 hour 7 Myers Columns 0 columns Brenner 50 columns Friday, week 1 Monday, week 2 Wednesday, Week 2 Friday. Week 1 Thursday, Your boss Ben does not always promise reasonable shipping dates!

As production manager, you do your best! MGM 302 Fine Wine Rack Project- page 3 Copyright @ 2007 Natalie Simpson Scheduling Requirements at the Fine Wine Rack As Production Manager, you must complete a weekly activity schedule for each of your four employees to follow. Essentially, you’ll be completing the form on pages 7 and 8, and then entering those numbers into a matching web form. As described previously, somebody makes parts, parts become racks, racks and rim get inspected and turn into cellars, and cellars get packed.

When figuring out exactly who is doing what, there are two issues that you must be aware of: 1. Is the employee qualified to do the activity assigned? 2. Does the employee have available what the employee needs to complete one hour’s worth of the activity assigned? If you make a mistake… Suppose an employee is assigned an activity that he or she is not qualified to complete. Instead of completing that activity, the employee will be IDLE for that time. As soon as you assign something the employee can do, he employee will begin working again.

Should you assign a qualified employee a particular activity during a particular hour, but there aren’t enough materials available at the beginning of the hour to complete an entire hour’s worth of that activity. The employee will instead be IDLE for the entire hour. In addition, the employee will continue to attempt that activity the next hour, and the next, until the necessary materials show up and he or she is successful at completing your request. In essence, the employee’s entire work schedule is “pushed back”, or delayed, by that idle time.

Note how this differs from the “unqualified” case. The simulator will attempt your instruction for up to five hours before abandoning the original activity and continuing on to the next hour’s instruction. How to code your schedule… There are essentially eleven different tasks that might be assigned to an employee of the Fine Wine Rack Company each hour. To schedule your employees, you need the information on the following two tables. Table 2 is a “Quick Reference” Table, so that you can convert instructions into numerical code in a glance.

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