Question 1: Describe Dana Company’s new strategic competitory place.

The Dana Packaging Company has chosen a distinction scheme. This is supported by the displacement to bring forthing packaging for high terminal merchandises. These merchandises require more technological edification and better stuffs for their packaging so as a consequence Dana is doing their packaging more survey. colorful. attractive. and better waterproofing. The other are that Dana has made it a point to distinguish is in their filling procedure. The bundles are filled merely at Dana-owned workss where they stress safety. cleanliness. and low cost to its clients in order to retain a high repute in their quality of the filling procedure.

Question 2: Develop a value concatenation for Dana. What are its chances for cost decrease and/or value sweetening?

Value Chain for Dana Packaging Company
Production of mush paper| Produced in Dana’s Millss around the universe. Some mush stuff is purchased from recycling operators.

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Opportunities for cost decrease and value sweetening

Dana’s chances for cost decrease include outsourcing some of the fabrication to outside sellers. which would better velocity. seasonableness and quality. Dana should contract out the mush production procedure to recycling operators instead than utilizing its ain valuable resources to bring forth the mush stuff. By making this. the company could free-up works infinite and labour resources that could so be utilized for more important and value adding procedures. With the mush production being eliminated the company could cut down production costs by unifying the poster board production. coating and filling activities into one location instead than transporting the unfinished goods from works to works.

Keeping in alliance with its distinction scheme and to heighten client value. Dana needs to continually seek out new engineerings to bring forth superior quality packaging stuffs. Dana should go on preparation and developing employees every bit good as upgrading works equipment to bring forth smaller batches of high-end stuffs. Reducing setup clip between batches will increase client value by leting for more cost efficient customization options. Additionally. Dana should go on quality betterment enterprises to keep a high repute for the quality of their filling procedure.

Question 3: Dana’s direction is sing the usage of a balanced scorecard for the house. For each of the four countries within the balanced scorecard. list two or three illustrations of mensurable critical success factors that should be included.

For the balanced scorecard for Dana. the undermentioned critical success factors should be used:

* Reduce Cost per Unit: Measurable by holding a standard costing per each merchandise and adhering to that

* Revenue Growth: Measurable by entering the per centum addition in gross revenues for their new market

* Quality: Measured by making quality cheques and studies with clients

* Monetary value: Measured by supervising gross revenues

Internal Procedure
* Efficiency: Measurable by look intoing lead times between client order and order fulfilment

* New Product Success: Measured by figure of gross revenues

Learning and Growth
* Manufacturing Learning: Measured by bettering efficiency and quality over clip

* Employee Skills: Measured by appraising and detecting employees to do certain they understand the new systems and engineering.


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